No makeup–this afternoon at home.



About 20 minutes ago, workmen came and sanded the parking lot, sidewalk, my porch and the steps. I was able to get to my car and grab water. When I opened the trunk ice cracked from the edges. It was still so cold, when I got inside, I promptly got an asthma attack
Getting cabin fever. Spent the afternoon reading, The Killer Angels, savoring lines I read long ago. Such as the description of the British soldier as he talked with Longstreet. About the British in general from the viewpoint of Longstreet:. ,”A strange and Lacey race. Talked like ladies, fought like wildcats.”. To quote Fremantle himself, “Haw.”

Water, Candles, Roses

Well,Jefferson Parish is now under a boil water order. Bummer. Might have to sub Diet coke for eau. Yesterday I. took an unused glass religious votive to the Blessed Mother, a Nd then a wooden popsicle stick which I used to make several deep openings in the wax and poured rose oil into all of them. I placed the candle in my bedroom and lit it again this morning. My entire apartment smells like roses from the burning candle,lovely.


We are still shut down and I am home. We were asked by the Jefferson Parish president to not short, wash dishes and to flush the toilet “only when necessary.” I think everyone gets the idea about the latter. I am running out of bottled water. There are 4 jugs in the trunk of my car but the steps are completely iced over as is the porch and I do not really want to risk a fall. At the moment t as I text, I am enjoying the scent of the soap that I washed my hands with. It has a story. During Christmas, Sue, a friend at work, mentioned she was going to the Santa Crawl but. instead of wearing a Santa suit she was going to wear a gorgeous red coat trimmed with faux leopard over a black dress but needed a Santa hat. I told her I had a red Santa hat trimmed with faux leopard I had never worn and she was welcome to borrow it. She said, how about I buy it from you? I said. How about I give it to you? She agreed BC and told me she would bring me some of her handcrafted soaps and would not take payment. She loved the hat and brought me three that were permanently wrapped in soft wool and that is heaven on the skin. She gave Sage,what I am enjoying now,lavender and almond. Sue also makes leather masks, very creative.



This morning, awakened at two am to see the world outside blanketed in ice. No work today , city has shut down.  I am typing this on my new cell phone that I got yesterday after work.  DirecTv, because of weather cannot come until Sunfay morning.  I also am switching my Internet to them a week from Thursday.  This was totally unacceptable on the art of Cox.  Canceled all my. services with them today.  My new number is now same area code 300-4393

Easy to remember.  Cleaned house this am and made meatloaf.  It is so cold.IMG_20180117_080215470







Winter Weather

Do you know, the Security Guard at the gate would not let DirecTV in last night because he didn’t have my full name.  He will come again tonight, that is, if weather permits.  We’re supposed to get snow and sleet starting this evening and some of the schools are closing tomorrow.  Don’t know if that includes Tulane or not.  I am going stir crazy without television.  As soon as possible, I’m also ditching phone service with Cox, and unfortunately, the only other Internet provider for my area is BellSouth and that’s a definite no-no in my book.  I sincerely hope the weather holds off a little until I can get television restored again.  I’m ashamed to say, it’s depressing to be without it!Photo on 1-16-18 at 8.54 AM #2

An Idea That’s Dawning

Think I know why you became so sad after the project.  Kicked around several ideas at first but as more is revealed about your project’s story, I’m beginning to understand.  Because, you see, for a few months you were in something where you were living your actual heart, actual love, with all the nuances, quirks, test of wills, dramatic personae from real life as symbols–you were living out your true heart.  And it must have been very freeing, and it must have felt exactly the way thing should be, because actually they should be.  They should.  And then, it ended, and you had to stop living your heart and return prison.  Would it be lovely to spend the rest of your life in the pure freedom of living your own heart–for real.  I’d be terribly sad also if something like that ended and the old iron bar doors opened once again.  There was a line from “Outlander” who season that struck me–Claire asks Jamie, ” do you really think God will punish you for wanting to be happy?”



I am reminded of something I used to say to my mother after my brother had a session with her to my detriment.  Honestly, my ears should have been burning.  He would repeat something I said, or something about me, snitching either minor or not, and this was when we were adults, and I would have no choice but to ape Maureen O’Hara in, “The Quiet Man.”  “And he couldn’t wait to tell you, the little tattle-tale!”