Something Else

Just wanted to add something to the Tarot thing yesterday. I’m sorry if I upset you as I feel I did. But there is something I forgot to mention that I also saw and again, it involves treachery. There is treachery connected with this project, you’ve been duped about something, and it stems from a woman in authority. But, not to tell you what to do about anything, if I were you I’d have my attorney pore over a lot of whatever connected to this because you might find a way out because of someone misrepresenting something. A further suggestion coming from this reading is this: for you to choose such a project especially after the last one you delivered is going to be like a huge punch in the stomach to people, a let down. If you can somehow block this one, it might not be a bad idea to choose something else immediately that has strong appeal to you. But, as this one goes, look for loopholes to slip out of, if that has any pertinent meaning to you at all. And choose another.


Well, it’s taken me all this time to catch up and finally see a movie I always wanted to see, and watched:  “The Year of Living Dangerously.”  This ones moves into my all time favorites.  Excellent film, story, love story and performances.  I think it’s Mel Gibson’s best film.  What a beautiful couple they made, he and Sigourney Weaver.  This was an incredible love story; I remembered the music without knowing when I first heard it this was part of the movie.  Found myself wishing it was 1982 once again, and I was so young as were you, and we had bumped into each other somewhere and this is where we went.


As I had intended, I did a reading on your project that has probably just recently concluded.   I did two, and both were basically the same.

Now I don’t wish to be the voice of doom here, but I will be honest.  The cards say that you already regret doing this; you weren’t completely sold on it to begin with and it was out of friendship that you committed, but also because of your son given the setting and the character.  As an attempt at validation of his work that you secretly but will never admit don’t like in the least, and you feel it is leading him down the road to be a perpetual peacock.  But you being you, you chose this project partly because of this, one that you already consider to be foolish.  Yet, still, you found it was good to be back at work, breaking the stalemate, but in its aftermath, and even during it, you were not energized at all by this, and had to fight severe ennui.  This work will not be celebrated and will not bring in huge monetary gain.  But you know this already.  Still throwing yourself on swords no matter the cost to yourself or others  for something you really don’t like to begin with.  I’m sorry.

While reading the cards, I had to ask about President Trump and these investigations.  The cards say these crazy things will blow away into fog eventually, there will be an unjustified furor for his head from his enemies, but he will prevail, however, in the course of this, someone else will go down big time.  Cards also said Hillary Clinton is behind a lot of this nonsense with Trump, the classic Clinton poison.

P.S.On The D.N.A.

It still rattles my brain to know that I am over 16 percent Scandinavian!  I’ve wondered which part is it–don’t feel Danish, Swedish, but damn, I do feel like a Viking.  I really do.  So, from what side?  Could be Charlie O’Rouke and Aunt Cal’s red hair, but then Daddy was very tall, very athletic, and so was Shirley, Tim and myself.  Tim is like a big burly bear.  But then, Mom was also athletic.  I’m leaning towards the O’Rourke side, but honestly, what can you say?  Will be very surprised if it’s Denmark or Sweden, but Norway, yah, I can relate!  And Mom was a fighter like a Vikiing, in her sweet, diminutive, ladylike way.  And Aunt Cal could throw verbal firebombs…actually, they both could.

A Three-Day Catchup and Anderson Pooper.

Before I crash for the afternoon and evening, gracious, I haven’t posted in three days. Huh, Creep?

Marse Robert was removed Friday, in, gasp DAYLIGHT, largely because I’m sure Mayor Mitch the Gutless did not want to risk a lawsuit if someone was hurt moving that massive monument at night.  Didn’t listen to his speech, but saw the headline of his quote, “The Civil War is Over!”  No, Mitch, really, you think?  That could work the other way, Herr Einstein.  The Revolutionary War is over, so should we tear down Faneuil Hall, all of Williamsburg, Freedom Hall in Philadelphia, and Mount Vernon because, gasp, there were slaves there once?  And how about the pyramids in Egypt, built with slave labor, and let’s burn down Dauchau because a madman ordered it it’s existence, and level the Coliseum in Rome.  Talk to replace Lee at Lee Circle, probably to be renamed includes a water thingagoogy…slip sliding away.  Don’t get me started on the local newspapers and Stephanie Grace.  Per this misguided hack, the statues were there to glorify slavery.  BS.  She should work for CNN.

I should have started this post with the milk of Christianity in my soul and report on the beautiful Blue Mass at 11 AM this morning. It was lovely, and by some miracle, we sailed through the Amazing Grace arrangement and Pat nudged me and told me I carried it beautifully.  Thank God for Stephanie’s direction!  I was glued on her and she is the reason I made it!  If you want to hear it, and the second verse where the Sops take the harmony, google OCP publications, then Amazing Grace by Chuisano.  I still like the simpler forms the best.

Yesterday I went shopping and bought a Krups coffee maker.  We had one years ago and it was the best coffee ever.  Found I got tired of campfire coffee things, and yesterday brewed a small pot in the afternoon, drank it in a new white mug that’s not a bowl but is almost as good as Joe Muggs and found coffee nirvana.  I also bought this jazzy purple box fan that’s knee high with this soothing rushing sound that’s like sleeping in Mom’s wound, reminds me how I always needed a fan to fall asleep, but stopped recently because the little oscillating thing I had did nothing but putt, putt, putt, putter and keep me awake anyway.  Yesterday afternoon, this purple baby put me into a sound sleep, also helped that it was threatening rain, did rain yesterday evening and all is well.  Cooked meatloaf yesterday, also roasting chicken in tomatoes, green peppers, onion, stock and white wine.  Broc also roasted.  Might make some garlic bread/

It rained this morning, gloriously, and during the Blue Mass, in the Church, I could see the American flag streaming full out in the wind.  Archbishop said the Mass, and gave a beautiful sermon, all about how the policeman, first responders, firemen, don’t run from danger but right to it.  And they do, and we gave them all a standing ovation so deserved.  Forgive me, but I’ve often had that inclination to run to danger, much to the heart attack  potential of my mother, but I always thought it was insanity and don’t know what to think of it now.  Maybe that I just have the blood of Cyril?  But at this point in my life, and giving my freezing back which is truly frozen today with legs, I know my limitations  But, hey, don’t mess with me, sucka!  I placed all of these people on my prayer list for life, and did go and pay my respects to Joanne’s picture.  God bless her.

The MSM about Trump are making complete fools of themselves.  A man was defending Trump on CNN and Anderson Cooper told him, Trump could take a dump on his desk and you would defend.  What leeway gay Liberal anchors receive from their employers.  This followed the disrespectful eye roll at Conway.  Trump needs to bring it down a bit, I agree, but I’ve watched his trip to Saudi Arabia this weekends and it was majestic.  God wants him as president, and if God is for you, no one is going to win against you.  Now I know what I saw when I read his cards last summer.  I saw so much embattlement and struggle, but not once did I see him being broken.  Mark my words.  I am watching a tape of the Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox, funny, funny incisive man.  They moved, “The Five” to night time and added Bob Breckel, a really vicious slob I can’t stand, who is Mr. Liberal and just this week started laughing hysterically at all the gaffes he knew Trump was going to make on this trip.  He made me so mad, he calls Trump bigoted, intolerant a hater…and what do you know?  Mr.  Breckel was fired this week because a young African American IT worker went to his office to fix his computer and Breckel told him that he wouldn’t remain in the same office with him because he was black and left.  Ah, the tolerant left!  If anyone made a gaffe, it was this clown.

Watched a movie I saw in the 70’s and loved, “The Seven Percent Solution.”
Alan Arkin did a bang up job as Freud, with Nicol Williams and Robert Duvall as Homes and Watson respectively.  Watched an old Cary Grant film I new saw, Mr. Lucky, last night and it was really good.

Okay, I’m going now.  Outside there’s either a cat squalling or a baby.  Time to crash, get into the rainy afternoon with the fan under Earl’s quilt.



Further Observation On The Monuments Removal.

I just wanted to add to this pathetic situation brought on by the dysfunctional leadership of Mayor Mitch Landrieu the following thoughts that truly break my heart.

I’m thinking about all the boys and men who died during this war for their beliefs; I’m thinking about the women of New Orleans who mourned and grieved for the husbands, sons, the little girls and boys who wept because their daddy wasn’t coming back home, the girls who lost sweethearts, the entire cosmic-sized orb of grief for the deaths of these men…and Mitch Landrieu has put them all to the status of criminality.  What a damnable coward he is, and what limited vision he has shown himself capable of, the monuments may have come down, but you know, aside from his political base in New Orleans, I think he has lost a great deal of respect, but, being a Landrieu, all that matters is that he is in office.

Choir Practice, Recap

Tuesday night, went to choir practice, it was held in the church instead of the Barrett Center on the grounds.  Everyone was in rare form.  Pat, who sits on one side of me, was glad to see me back and told me that judging by the way I coughed during the Easter choir practice, she was not surprised to hear I had probable pneumonia.  Jan, who sits on the other side of me, is a complete hoot.  She said something funny, and I just blurted out like Austin Powers, “Oh, BEEE-HAYVE!”  I asked her if she had seen any of those movies and she hadn’t.  I told her they were very funny, but dirty, and she replied, “Oh, Good!”  I cracked up out loud.  When we were leaving, she turned in the aisle and said to me very wickedly, “Straight home now, Girl”!  I lost it again.  I can’t wait to hear her stories about her time as a nurse in the navy.

Now, “Amazing Grace.”  This is an arrangement where the Sopranos, that’s me, fuhgetaboutit, sing harmony two beats behind the tenors and basses.  We usually sing melody.  And of course, I kept losing the notes and sang melody.  I found it on YouTube and will listen to it endlessly this Saturday so I can get it right.  But it s a really beautiful arrangement, although I admit I love this hymn so much, I don’t think it needs any frills. Judy Collins knew this well when she made that beautiful recording of it singing a cappella.

So, talking about Austin Powers, I am posting a scene here that really made me laugh, especially about the discussion concerning Robert Wagner’s character’s name.!quotes/

Just This

The Jefferson Davis statue was removed last week.

Before that, a group of protesters kept vigil, all carrying huge Confederate battle flags and the state flag of Mississippi standing at the statue’s base.  I passed them almost daily, but one morning they were gone, a fence had been erected around the site wherein four police vans and flatbed trucks were parked and several police officers were just standing around.  The irony of the crime and murder rate in New Orleans posed  against having all these officers standing there not crime fighting was not lost on me.  Well, some days elapsed, and again, in secrecy of the night, the statue was removed by masked men.  As I drove to work that morning, I discovered the long gone and much needed city buses were back on Canal Street which meant the slow-moving Canal streetcars were not operating and I figured it had something to do with the Jeff Davis statue.  Driving down Canal, I came to a sign that said the rest of the way was closed, find an alternative route. Well, thanks very much.  It turns out that the pedestal upon which old Jeff Davis stood was much too heavy for the crane to lift, hence the traffic snafu and jams.  Thanks Mitch.  When I pass the park where the statue once stood, it is a gaping hole looking like a toothless smile.   An African American coworker told me her African American friend once lived across the street from that statue and it’s little park where her children happily played on the swings and sliding boards there despite the presence of the Jefferson Davis statue, amazingly enough.  I can’t imagine what the city is going are going to replace it with, well, yes, maybe I can.

Two nights ago, the exquisite equestrian statue of P.G.T. Beauregard at the entrance of the exquisite City Park, which faced Bayou St. John and Moss Street, who was a really fine man, also came down, dead of night, masked men, but this time a brass band joined in to celebrate its removal.  That made me think of the song I’ve posted here that I always loved, used to sing with the radio when it played driving along PCH to work, and a song that captures the suffering of a people, who bled, died, sacrificed, grieved and starved for something they believed in reflective of their time.  Per Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans’ chief political hack, all of that was nothing.  In the vast cosmic theme of things, and my hunches and instincts talking, just as when I asked Edwin Edwards to do something about the cruelty of animal experiments performed at LSU Medical School, and he responded telling me he was not against them, this is all going to boomerang badly onto Landrieu because he messed with something sacred, misrepresented what it really stood for, and cheapened his own people’s heritage.  He made the statement that these statues don’t represent the history of New Orleans.  Really?  What the hell was the Civil War, Louisiana’s involvement in the Confederacy, and on a personal note, did my great-grandfather Theodore not really serve as a captain in the Confederate Army?  Words from a political hack and non-leader.  This man is the ultimate coward and what he did stands for nothing.

All that remains now is old Marse Robert at Lee Circle.  The other monuments that were removed have been spotted by WWL-TV in a storage yard in the Desire area, where one of the worst crime ridden projects ever stood to the point that not even the cops would answer calls there at night.

So, because I don’t think this song will ever be played again on a radio in New Orleans, and one day might be banned since we seem to be getting a little more fascist every day, I’m posting it here.  And it seems so fitting an accompaniment to what happened when Beauregard, who supported desegregation after the Civil War, came down.