All The Penn’s Men

At the very beginning of, “Mississippi Blood,” Greg Isles once again references Robert Penn Warren from, “All the King’s Men.” Never read that book, and really must. He actually starts the novel with this excerpt. Gave me goosebumples.

“For the truth is a terrible thing. You dabble your foot in it and it is nothing. But you walk a little farther and you feel it pull you like an undertow or a whirlpool. First there is the slow pull so steady and gradual you scarcely notice it, then the acceleration, then the dizzy whirl and plunge into darkness. For there is a blackness of truth, too. They say it is a terrible thing to fall into the Grace of God. I am prepared to believe that.”


Okay, haven’t stuck my cat’s claws out in a while. But I have to say to you: in your own way, you’re married to another version of Florence Foster Jenkins, only this time it isn’t someone who thinks they can sing!

Lily Pons

In “Florence Foster Jenkins,” I was surprised to see Lily Pons. I’ll tell you why. There is an elderly choir member named Margaret, actually she is the one who recruited me to join, who has a husband named Roe. He is a frail older gentleman, who is very funny at times, and one day after Mass when I sang in the choir he told me he could hear my voice coming through. He told me I sounded like Lily Pons–did I know her-I didn’t know a thing about her and since she was featured in FFJ yesterday I was surprised. So, I found this link to her and find it hard to believe I sound like this at all, but he assured me I did. Well, it’s a nice compliment even if I’m credulous. Her voice is much more schooled than mine!

This Weekend, Retrospect, So Forth

Friday, someone gave me a heads up that the last of Greg Isles Natchez trilogy had been out for a few months. Got to the library on Friday fifteen minutes before it closed and found it: “Mississippi Blood.” So, I thought, at around 7 AM Saturday morning I might just read the first chapter, then run errands, etc, do what I had to do, but truth is, it gripped me so much I didn’t move from the recliner until I had finished all 600+ pages at around 8PM that night.

This was the best of the series. The only complaint so far is that I don’t like the women with whom Penn Cage becomes romantically involved. I don’t mind assertiveness, stubbornness, or drive, but when it comes to pushy, no. Nevertheless, at the heart of the conflict was the affair his physician father, Tom Cage, had with his beautiful mulatto nurse, Viola, back in the sixties, and it was an affair of deep mutual true love. It was the situation of two really fine people who can’t help it when they fall deeply in love. Viola is one of the most tragic figures I’ve come across in any story and through all these books my heart has nearly broken for her, but never so much as in this one. Tom has been arrested for her murder and half of it focuses on his trial but it isn’t a courtroom drama. I don’t how much to tell you about it in case you want to read it, but I can tell you this. In the late sixties, after being viciously gang raped by a bunch of KKK adders, she ends the affair with Tom, and when she’s targeted again, he hides her and she goes to Chicago, marries a con artist and gives birth to Cage’s son. Cage stays with his wife and raises their children, but neither forget one another.

Won’t go into a lot of detail but there’s a line that seems to reverberate towards the end of the story about Cage and Viola’s very conflicted grown son…that he was the child of someone who had chosen “the hard path of duty and one who had chosen martyrdom.” And the choice that Tom ultimately makes near the end of the book and why…well, you’ll have to read it and see.

I usually feel a little lost after I read a fine book, partly from greed of wanting more.

Although it is very hot, found I was craving home made vegetable soup and made a pot yesterday. Also watched an old movie I always, liked, “Separate Tables.” And from there I watched, “Florence Foster Jenkins.” Meryl Streep’s performances, even when she’s playing different characters, are all beginning to look the same. It was almost like watching a musical version of Julia Child, and although a really good story that I enjoyed, I think Hugh Grant stole the picture from her. The last movie I saw with Streep, “Ricky and the Flash,” was just awful. And so was her performance. I suppose it can be said she is one of the finest actresses of her generation, but given what’s out there, is that very much to say? She doesn’t stand in a class by herself and I can really think of only one living actor today who does. She isn’t a Katharine Hepburn, nor a Vivien Leigh nor a Bette Davis. But I did enjoy this movie and its story but I enjoyed Hugh Grant’s screen time much more than hers.

Think I will request vacation time off mid-July. Really getting tired now.

Wanted To Mention But Kept Forgetting

Have you by any chance seen the series on NATGEO, “Genius?” It concluded this past Tuesday, and it was about the life of Albert Einstein. Geoffrey Rush played Einstein when older, and a really talented newcomer named Johnny Flynn played him as a young man. It was excellent, beautifully acted, and I looked forward to it each week so much. If you haven’t seen it, please try to as soon as possible. It covered his rebelliousness with his professors (hey, I admire that!), his troubled relationship with his father, how he was forced to work as a clerk because an angry professor blackballed him, his relationship with brilliant and frustrated first wife, Mileva…the story didn’t go marching in chronological progression, but jumped back and forth through time in some episodes. Just completely recommend it. This, apparently, is going to be an annual series covering the life of a genius. Next year the genius will be Pablo Picasso.

And The Weekly Moron Award…

goes to–Johnny Depp! After what happened last week, the assassination attempt on Republican congressmen, the near death of Steve Scalise, there Depp is on a London stage asking, “when was the last time an actor killed a president…it’s been a while, but maybe now it’s time.” Well, Depp, you disgusting thing, my immediate thought after my mouth fell open was that all now $30,000 worth of wine you buy monthly must have paralyzed your brain. How can anyone, anywhere, regardless of beliefs joke about killing anyone? This clown should be arrested the minute he puts his stoned arse back on American soil for inciting to harm the president, which, by the way, is against the law. And, making a joke about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in such a disrespectful way. I mean, using it as part of a joke or insane statement. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, except for the first one, are sheer torture. And then there is DeNiro who has turned into Chief Slob wanting to punch Trump, another one who will probably make a film about anything.

The Name Of This Site; Hushed; St. Catherine’s, And What Is Becoming The Weekly Moron Report.

I was just, for some reason, staring at my home page and the name of my site. Never told you the reason I named it such. When I was writing real stories for Louisiana Life, I told the story of that dreadful train wreck in the 50’s that happened in Lettsworth. A reader commented about it online very graciously, and even sent a link to find the official government report about it. I responded warmly as did he again–he told me was going to read, “Louisianians All.” Well, I think it was nearly a year or so later that I saw this same person had written a very complementary online review of it, and included the line: “Jeanne loves Louisiana.” That struck me that he would pick up on what a labor of love that book had been, or perhaps maybe I didn’t realize how much love might have been apparent on its pages; don’t know. I only know that during the time I was writing it, I was living, breathing, existing in nothing but the deepest of loves. But, half the name of this site comes from him, and it will likely remain.

I was out of holy water, so I stopped at St. Catherine’s yesterday after work to fill a bottle. The church was deserted, just me, but it was so hushed and so filled with the Spirit. I believe this particular church is definitely a holy, holy place and never more do I feel it than when I have been there all alone. I don’t notice it as much during Mass. But last December when I went to the manger ceremony with the snow, I went into Church and I was alone and the feeling of God’s spirit there was palpable, blessed, and peaceful, something that was very much alive and living.

Well, I decided I won’t go from that last paragraph to the Weekly Moron Report. I will put that in the next post.


Can’t resist these tests.  They’re fun.  This one was to determine what color personality you are.  I scored:  Yellow, which means:

You have a YELLOW personality! According to Dr. Carol Ritberger, this means that you are an independent, creative person. You tend to think outside the box, and you greatly value your freedom. You are vibrant and friendly. Dr. Ritberger adds that as a Yellow, you tend to hold stress in your abdominal area, and when you feel out of control, you are prone to tension headaches.

Link to test is below.