Happy Monday

Hello, Gorgeous.

You know, I know I can tell you all of this because I know you are not conceited, swell-headed, and are kind, sensitive with a focus on balanced perspective except the times you are a creep, and that’s when you really get me.

I, also, like the way Marge Gunderson grew up to be Mildred.  The theme music from, “Gladiator,” made me want to watch it again for about the tenth time.  I’ll pass on, “The Shape of Water,” it doesn’t even look quite as good as, “The Creature From the Black Lagoon.”  Creepy Classics.  While I wouldn’t have worn Frances McDormand’s dress to a dogfight, I did love her non-compliance.   That didn’t mean she didn’t support, as she said.  Rude moments:  Jennifer Lawrence telling Ms. Lumley her comments were a bit much; Rude, rude, rude, poor little forced to stand in a naked lineup lady.  Ridley Scott saying he got the away only because they figured there was little time.  And his totally boring read from index cards speech.  But thank you Mr. Scott, for scaring the Bejesus out of me during, “Alien.”  One of the best horror movies ever.  A really fine director, completely fine, and I’m glad he was honored.  I should point fingers are people who like to ramble and reminisce.  The ladies in the directors booth had good sense to focus on the best one in the audience quite a few times; perhaps it was the pleasant genuineness.

Now, dear, in the post to follow this, and I really shouldn’t even be taking this little break because we have our annual memorial lecture and I am hitting the ground running, and another visitor (Brandi just told me I was the Jackie Kennedy of the office–I always make a good impression on our guests–this girl is very complimentary to me.  Jackie Kennedy and Joan Collins, well, I don’t know–I still feel like the person who falls out of bed in the morning while dark, visits the convenience, looks in the mirror and goes, God! marveling  at what a wreck I am; Mom would be proud.

But I digress.  In the post to follow this one, it will be a confession of sorts at how sick I can be.  Around 10 PM last night, searching the web on my phone for any post ceremony news, I visited Fox news sight and the link to this story caught my eye.  You know this is one of my tickle spots–I read the article, and laughed until I cried.  Then I made the mistake of reading the comments from the readers and could not stop laughing even when my sides ached.  Before I knew it, it was nearly 11:30, I wiped my tears and went to bed.  It occurred to me that this is such a unifying subject…perhaps Congress should take a page from this book!  (I know, I am sick.)

Photo on 2-19-18 at 9.36 AM #3


Gracious Mary!

A sign, a confirmation, for no sooner had I finished my last post, put my phone down and walk into the kitchen when I heard the most beautiful birdsong come from outside. It drew me to the front opened to the storm door and the first thing I saw across the way was an iron statue of an archangel a family has on their porch by their front door.

Two Messages

Just watched two back-to-back powerful messages from the reverends Stanley &Jeremiah, about Satan, how he deceives, divides &destroys. He especially seeks to destroy anything blessed obtained through the intercession of Mary, I imagine how much he has gnashed his teeth because of Medujorge! You know, at the time, through no fault of your own, you didn’t know or have the weapons to fight him.  And we were attacked by him, but you know, he never really quite won, did he?  The greatest way to defeat him I’d to know it is Christ within who defeats him, and Christ within us brings the Holy Spirit who is the embodiment of truth.  No, he didn’t quite win the war although he caused mayhem,but it seems peace began to take hold when one of started on path to let truth. trickle out.  Trickles can turn into floods, truth by choice can be unleashes, and even trickles can leave who had the weapons to fight Satan speechless.  There’s a beautiful angel standing by your shoulder. Take his hand.


Sunday peace. Quiet gray day, chicken and veggies roasting. Diet City. Last night I watched the very beautifully filmed, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Where are you, will you be there tonight? I will have to see it on delay. PDHM.Still speechless.

Life Can Be Grand

Awakened feeling so strong from good night’s sleep. Things to do today, looking forward to them. No Saturday cruds and that is wonderful. It was almost 80 degrees yesterday. The house doesn’t need any major cleanups, just touch up and that won’t be hard. Feel like making gumbo, but wanted to start diet. Feel like driving around snapping pictures of Japanese magnolias. Just feel so happy.

Janice Dean and Flynn

Found this picture of Janice Dean, or as they call her on Fox and Friends, JD, with Flynn from the other morning.  Look at the joy on her face, something I quite understand.  Bichon have been described as the the most loving, fun-loving, affectionate dogs who are also little clowns because they are so funny in a deliberate sort of way.   I like JD, at first I

thought she was silly at times, but when the bad hurricanes hit this year, she was so concerned and professional that I was very impressed.  Not long ago, something of hers went viral…a woman tweeted her and told her that FOX needed to stop dressing her because her clothes showed her legs that really should be hidden–it was nasty.  JD tweeted back and her response went viral.  She told the woman, “I’m sorry you don’t like my legs.”  Fox does not dress me, and I am proud to be a size 10.  In the meantime, I’m proud of my strong, steady legs, and I thank you for commenting.”  JD also has MS.  There was overwhelming support for her for so beautifully handling such a snarky, ugly comment.  I wish I could find the video of Flynn snuggling in her arms, but it hasn’t surfaced.  This will have to do.  Anyone who loves a Bichon this way has me in their corner all the way.  Isn’t he a press-presh, as Mom used to say.  (And, as Mom once said to Earl as I held him in a similar way:  “Look at that pee-pee!)  Dogs rule.  So do you.




I fell sound asleep last night in the recliner at around 7PM, made it to bed around 9PM and awakened at midnight.  I turned on the news to continue watching the reports on the latest school shooting in Florida–heavens, did you see that kid’s eyes who did this–evil, possessed, evil.  In the middle of the night, I really started to get affected by the young people’s accounts of what happened; hard to swallow that teens had to escape witnessing a bloodbath with dead bodies around them.  But the young people interviewed were so articulate, so calm after what had happened, what a great group of kids; it was hard to hear in the middle of the night, that the bodies of the murdered were still there where they had fallen because the school was still considered a crime scene and the Medical Examiner had to get evidence.  The solution is far past gun control laws now, that really was never the solution.  Someone on the news pointed out that in all the cases of the school shootings, they only end when someone, like the police, fire back at the cowards.  I think we should do what Israel does, that brave band of survivors surrounded by haters.  Select teachers in their schools undergo military-like training and are equipped to handle situations such as these with fire power.  No school shootings in Israel, is there.  And, I also blame the media culture young people are exposed to, and that definitely includes virtual reality video games that are so violent.  But I will lay the true blame fair and square on the Beast.

So, getting a bit too much of all of this in the middle of the night, I remember I had taped Fox and Friends that morning because Flynn, the Bichon Frise and Westminster Champ was going to be a guest.  Turned to this tape for relief and oh goodness, I was transported back so many years ago…there was Flynn, fluffy, sweet, loving, sitting on the couch in meteorologist Janice Dean’s arms surround by his handlers and the other hosts.  Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the memory of what it was like to hold such an armload of fluff, warmth and a loving, if bad, little dog in my arms and it was really wonderful to remember.  Flynn and Dean definitely took to one another, and it was so sweet to see.  And then I got very hungry so I heated a cup of my Mardi Gras chili since Ash Wednesday was now over; it really came out delicious, and…fell sound asleep again. And, the memories of Earl, almost virtual reality themselves as I watched Flynn with JD, didn’t bring sadness, just a kind of overwhelming gratitude at the gift I had been given for having been Earl’s Mama.

Which reminds me something I wanted to post here yesterday.  By chance on my computer screen, the picture of Flynn was next to a picture of me and my dominant eye thing.  It suddenly struck me that I was perfectly suited to own a Bichon; we fit together, and it struck me that the dog you had chosen perfectly suited you; your pooch choice and mine were polar opposites in appearance, but somehow your choice and my choice complemented the other and the other.  Did I make myself clear?

It’s a beautiful, hazy spring-like day.  Of all the things that died with the cold, the Japanese Magnolia trees are laden with their cup and saucer rose-colored flowers.  Beautiful.  So glad I got DirecTV, once again I can watch BBC America.