The Coward’s Way

Just like the coward that he is, New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu had the first of four Confederate monuments in the city dismantled in the middle of the night.  The Liberty Monument, which I agree is objectionable, without announcement, was dismantled in the dead of night with contractors wearing helmets and bullet-proof vests.  It is such the coward’s way of doing things, just like the cowardly way Landrieu caved into his base to get these removed.  The rest of the monuments, truly beautiful creations, Jeff Davis, Beauregard and Robert E. Lee are slated to come down “very soon” according to Landrieu, no doubt again under the stealth of night.

At least when Nikki Haley removed the Confederate flag from the state capitol in Columbia, she did so with a respectful ceremony that paid tribute to the heritage and history of the state, not this disrespect and stealth being shown by Landrieu.  You know, I am struck by the sheer ignorance of this move, the absolute enabling sheer ignorance.  This could have been such a venue for learning and preservation–look at Richmond’s monument way, Gettysburg, Antietam–but this–pure cowardice, ignorance, and political pandering.  Even Marc Morial, an African American mayor in the 90’s, refused to take these monuments down because he felt there were greater, more pressing issues to deal with, and that, “Robert E. Lee was not an evil man.”  Leave it to Mayor Light Bulb Landrieu.  Beyond disgusting.

A Wonderful Sunday

Yesterday was truly a treasure and gift from God.  The wind continued all day long and into the night and by nighttime, a strong North wind was blowing through my kitchen window and the opened storm door window.  My Sunday dinner was delicious; the roast with the wine jus were perfect, and the cabbage steaks incredible.  Another wonderful night’s sleep, another beautiful day and I still feel much, much better.  Dr. Dash described yesterday as, “San Francisco weather,” and it was like California on a winter’s day, you know, the preacher liked the cold, he knows I’m going to stay, California dreaming’ on such a winter’s day…(couldn’t resist).

Two weeks ago pre illness, something made me buy a 64-count box of Binney and Smith crayons that I have kept on the table beside my recliner that holds various and sundry needy things to keep at hand.  I kept wanting to sketch something but didn’t have a sketch book–so I bought one this weekend and am keeping it there also.  Might just want to doodle, don’t know, but it was fun.  Do you have a favorite crayon color?  I remember when I got into so much trouble in first grade for coloring the mimeographed duck blue green and my stupid teacher called my mother outraged because, “all ducks are yellow.”  Must have hallucinated those teals flying over the marsh that morning Daddy took all of us crabbing; and loving the little duck enough to give it one of my favorite colors!



Since my last post, I also smothered okra, hand washed some new summer T’s I needed–violet; canary yellow; cobalt; coffee; peach.  Made cabbage steaks (sliced width-wise, drizzled with olive oil, honey, balsamic vinegar, spices and roasted in the oven; had fresh pineapple that I skewed with smoked sausage and it is also cooking in the oven; cleaned out the fridge, trimmed three inches off my too-long, getting wild hair that I also colored, and transplanted the mint and periwinkles, and cut all the thorny branches off the bougainvillea.  And now, I am getting tired, but it isn’t a sick tired, it’s a good tired that comes from good busyness.

I am now taping and watching the sequel to, “The White Queen,”, i.e., “The White Princess.”  Both series were robust in the jolly old England way before Victoria but I have to admit something to someone who always covered my eyes whenever a naked man came onscreen–an endearing thing I will always treasure–there are plenty of hiney shots in these series of men, but, Child, these actors are in their twenties and thirties at the most and the way I look at it is almost as if I have wandered by accident into the bathroom when my son was taking a shower–might think the buns of steels are admirable before I quickly duck out, but that’s honestly as far as it goes! And again, I’m so glad I have become an old lady that doesn’t want boy toys!

I need to read more of English history.  I know some of it, but truth to tell the Hundred Years War fascinates me, always has, as have the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.  I was surprised when I took that test that said I belonged in Elizabethan England, but then again, what a hoot of a time to have lived in–Shakespeare, the writing, the culture, America had been discovered, the globe circumnavigated by what I think was one of my ancestors, but myancestry. com should tell me a lot about it.  Received a confirmation that they received my sample and were in the process of processing it–mid-May, can’t wait.

The beautiful breeze, now stiffening to a wind, continued and is sailing through the Ernest Hemingway room that, if I didn’t get tired, I would clean out today.  It’s become a repository, ie, junk room, and is my next project.

The End Of The Ordeal? (Please.)

I feel much, much better today.  Came home early Friday from work because I pooped out, slept from 6:30 to 5:45 AM, ran some errands yesterday, but pooped out again.  Yesterday was last day of the ZPAK.  But I awakened this morning a little before five, rose, and before I even started the coffee, gathered dirty towels, bed linen, and Earl’s quilt, all of which I have sneezed and coughed over for nearly ten days and was too sick to launder, and soon had them washing in soapy, scalding water, and is that a relief.  Is there nothing that smells better than fresh bed line, unless you can line dry outside, or over a sweet olive bush!  Laundry was done before seven AM, swept, mopped, cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, vacuumed and am roasting a lean rump roast stuffed with garlic in beef stock, Merlot, onions and carrots and will probably smother okra.  And after all, that I am still not tired or feeling sick.  Have energy to do more but won’t over do.  It rained during the night and brought a cool spell temps in the high 50-s to mid 60;s, deliciously overcast, with a delicious breeze blowing through the open windows–so good to air out a house after a long illness.  This one was a doozy and there’s a part of me that’s beginning to suspect it might not have been pneumonia after all, but I’m happy not to know one way or the other.

Yesterday decided to forego for good using the air conditioning filters management provides us and went to my little Harry’s Ace Hardware on Metairie Road and found a wonderful filter.  It’s call Nature Air, or something, it’s green, thick, looks like astroturf, you can cut it to size, and instead of those disposable ones that do no good, you can wash this and reuse it.  I installed it when I got home and almost immediately noticed a vast improvement in the air quality and it is definitely more marked today.  I’m so glad this is finally over, please God, no relapse, the ZPAK will still work on extended release for another five days and I am eating lots of yogurt to replace any of the good flora the ZPAK wipes out.  It’s so wonderful to feel good again after ten days of crud.

A Good Laugh…

…and when you know you look like shite after an illness.


The good laugh came from a surprising source–I finally saw the remake of, “Ghostbusters” last night, and I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did.  Some of it had me laughing out loud, and maybe it was just because I needed a good laugh, but still enjoyed it.  I loved the animation in it, and I loved the haunted Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloons.  Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy are very funny.  And, yes, I am a Conservative Trump supporter who likes most of his cabinet but I will have to admit that seeing McCarthy as Sean Spicer on clips from SNL, bawling out the press and driving the podium at them to run them over are hysterical.  Saw a press conference with Spicer one day when he told them, now don’t make me move this podium!


The Land of the Living

Felt well enough this morning, Glory Hallelujah, to go to work.  Still a little congestion and a bit of a cough, but not sick as a dog.  It feel nice to be back in the swing of things somewhat although I’m not going to go crazy at things, but pace myself.  Had to laugh this morning at Tiffany who fusses and fusses and reminds me in such a good way of my favorite avatar and I mean that in the best of ways…she said to me this morning, How you feeling, Jeanne?  Better, I replied.  That set her off:  Girl, what’s wrong with you.  You know you’re no spring chicken anymore, why didn’t you haul your butt to a doctor!?  Girl, you better not mess with that, I’m telling you…”  I love Tiffany.  I suppose she is right but you know when you’re too tired and sick to haul your butt to a doctor, write a co-payment check of$50.00, brace yourself for prescriptions…etc.  Try living alone and being sick; it’s a damned bummer, especially when your neighbors are elderly, frail, and one has a very sick husband and by nature you just don’t want to ask anyone for anything.


One More Day

Planned to go to work this morning, but I’m still not quite ready.  Only third day of the ZPAK, and although the symptoms have improved, still tired and weak and I’m afraid to push it.  I will go in tomorrow.  Gross Out Warning:  But a good sign, I’m thinking:  blew my congested nose this morning and got a tissue full of blood.  No wonder I’ve been sick as a dog.  ZPAK is clearing all of that stuff up.  Went back through some of my previous postings on there the past three years and found a common denominator:  in April each year, consistent themes:  ZPAKS, raw throats, sick, congested, pneumonia, respiratory, this year being no different.

So, home bound, spend the days watching movies or reading or sleeping.  Read, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” in my book of Sherlock–we had to read it in eighth or ninth grade–and I still enjoyed it.  Watched a really lovely movie from the fifties yesterday with Deborah Kerr, “The End of the Affair.”  What a sad, lovely story, but beautiful.  Graham Greene.  And I watched, “Sayonara” again last night, another lovely, lovely story, a movie that I love so much and so drives home the cheap premium put on true love in place of what’s acceptable, expected behavior.  But don’t you always just love the characters who fight on the side of true love instead of those who just coward out in favor of conformity and enter into those cluttered lives for the rest of their days?  I.E., the Brando and Buttons characters, the truth warriors.

I’m tired, going to stop now and rest.


This Morning

Lacey’s ZPak seems to be kicking in a bit.  Much less coughing, sneezing, but the hoarseness still there, and the fatigue although I slept hours last night.  Had a feeling someone had a cow yesterday when they read I went into work still sick.  Not going in today, I promise.

I’ve had two cups of coffee and I’m almost ready to go back to sleep.  What a strange strain this one is for an illness.  On the subject of coffee, a surprise for me:  I haven’t enjoyed it nearly as much as I used to–the dark roasts, the French roasts, I’ve been disappointed for the longest in something that always gave me enjoyment.  So, I wondered if I should kick it down a notch now and bought Community’s Between Roast.  So what can I say–rediscovered coffee nirvana–coffee as it should taste, strong, but balanced, they’ve been messing with things so much, guess we have to look in unlikely places for what we want–I only know that the coffee I have been drinking has tasted like lye as Mom used to say, and the BR is perfect.

Facing a pleasant sort of conundrum and can’t come to a decision.  My old televisions, thank God, work beautifully, but the cable bill is through the roof, even though I only have one premiere channel.  Combined with phone, internet and TV, it is the highest of my household expenses and the bulk of it goes for TV.  I have been kicking around the idea of buying a SMARTTV for the living room, and later one for the bedroom, where I can just select what I want via Netflix, Roku, Hulu, whatever, for an almost 90% cut in cost.  The costs of buying the TV’s would pay for themselves in probably what I pay for cable in just a few months.  Seems like the perfect solution, but, can you believe, this is what makes me hesitate:  The only place I could put the new TV would be atop the old one and I would miss the flowered ginger jar lamp that’s been there forever, the Delft pot with the beautiful peace lily that now, in time for Easter, has three gorgeous blooms, and some of the family pictures.  If I were to hang it on the wall next to all that, I would have to remove the watercolor I made for Mom just before she died.  Any suggestions?  Other walls in the living room won’t do because the light from the windows would cause glare in the screen and I can’t bear to be in a closed up room.

On the subject of decor, after painting the stereo that gorgeous red, and I am now looking for black Chinese themed hardware to replace the knobs, I held the paint chip for the coffee tables up against all the new color, that mellow yellow gold and realized it would be too much pop combined with the coffee table and the stereo, and that the present wood stain balances and grounds all of it out perfectly, so I won’t paint the end tables.

Okay, fading now and will close.

Today, And Yesterday Afternoon

Went into work this morning still sick, took care of some things and left an hour and a half later.  Lacey is going to phone in a ZPak for me, sweet, sweet girl.  Found that family members of some of my coworkers have been down for a week the same as me with the exact same symptoms.  Told Lacey all I want to do is sleep and she basically said, go for it.  Stopped at Canseco’s on the way home for more Kleenex and ice cream.  I haven’t enjoyed this spring as much as others.

Yesterday afternoon fell sound asleep in the recliner with Sherlock Holmes over my face, so deep a sleep couldn’t remember where I was when I woke up.  Was going to write more, but I’m getting tired, but I’ll try.   The guest programmer for TCM last night was William Daniels.  Always liked him, always found him kind of cute and loved him as John Adams in “1776.”  He’s quite gray now, and I don’t know if it was hubris or not, but he chose, “1776” as one of his movies.  He didn’t seem stuck up, so I’ll just say I’m grateful because I missed it last July 4th and watched it for the 50th time last night and kept marvelling at the extremely wonderful singing, solo, chorus, parts…just excellent, talented, talented crew.  Makes me sad that Ken Howard, so handsome as Thomas Jefferson, has gone to his reward…I remember when he addressed someone as “Mr. President.”  Always loved him in 1776; actually loved all of them, even the dude who played stuck-up John Dickinson.  But I feel asleep just before they passed the resolution for Independence.  I found out that the story in All This, and Heaven Too is based on a true story, a true scandal and there really was an Henriette Desportes and a Duc du Praslin.  I saw his picture, and you know, Charles Boyer really resembled him.  “Gaslight” is on this afternoon, and since I’ve been in gaslit (no word, I know) London mood, might watch it.

I have also been watching that FX series:  “Feud: Bette and Joan.”  I can say with all certainly that even as a child I could not stand Joan Crawford–Jesus, those eyebrows–and at the time “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” was released I marvelled that they had cast two of what I had considered the ugliest women I had ever seen together in a movie.  I saw that movie one summer when I was nine with Tim and Russ; they loved it, I found it disturbing in a claustrophobic sort of way and when I saw it later still had mixed feelings.  It’s coming on this afternoon so maybe I need to view from my now mature standpoint.  However, in this series, I am most impressed by Susan Sarandon who is doing a bang-up job playing Davis.  Jessica Lange must be doing a great job as Crawford because as in life, I absolutely can’t stand her.  What a mother dog she was.  It had surprised me when I got older and saw Bette Davis in her early movies just how pretty and delicate she was, such as Jezebel, Now, Voyager.  I know Crawford was considered a beauty but I could never see it except when she was extremely young and even then, ew.  Didn’t like her.  This is a good series, dark, but  I like it.  Concludes Sunday night.  Amazing, Crawford on the set of Baby Jane is concerned with looking glamorous, and Davis just shows what a true character actress she was.  What a sick process the old Hollywood studio system was–Alfred Molina plays Robert Aldrich and he’s also doing a wonderful job.

I’m either going to watch the end of 1776, have tea with Sherlock, or just nod off until Gaslight is on at 12:30 on TCM.  Driving home today along Metairie Road, thinking I haven’t enjoyed this spring as much, hear that Voice telling May would be a happy month.  Damn, wish I could dive into a pile of boiled crawfish and crabs–those were the days!