Irrational. Hate. The Cowardice of Politics; The Pull of Power.

I’ve been trying to stay away from this subject all day because my incredulity at the irrational response of people has been somewhat overwhelming. It concerns what happened in Charlottesville, the condemnation against Trump for not condemning the White Supremacists when he has done nothing but condemn what happened on Saturday in on uncertain terms. But, he didn’t use the rhetoric the left would demand that he use in their control-mad-power hungry way. I saw his press conference yesterday where he called out both the Neo-Nazis and the Antifa people has having blame in this riot. Incredibly, some people are saying he is wrong to criticize the Antifa because they were there to fight against the Nazis. Sorry, hatred is hatred, violence is violence. Both are anarchist groups. Both are out of control. Antifa has called for the killing of police officers; they have rioted at Berkeley, burned buildings, caused destruction. Since when does it not take two to make a fight, an argument, or a riot? As appalling as these Neo-Nazi groups are, as despicable, they had a legal permit to demonstrate in Charlottesvile; Antifa did not. I agree completely there is blame on both sides for this; I also agree that there were probably people at these protests against the removal of the statue who don’t have a white supremacist bone in their bodies. Just as I believe there were good people supporting the statue’s removal who don’t have one Antifa anarchist’s bone in their bodies. Trump spoke the truth, but sometimes the truth is like sunrise to Dracula to some people, the more true it is, the more violent the reaction to discredit whoever speaks it. Reference: Children’s Hospital in New Orleans comes to mind. The more hostile.

In my naiveté, when all the flap started in New Orleans to removal the monuments to Robert E. Lee, Beauregard, etc., I tried to use all the knowledge I had through so much research and reading about the Civil War, the times that led to it, and these men to make people see it wasn’t necessary to remove them. But a deus ex machina from heaven wouldn’t have swayed them because their mission had nothing to do with truth, the Civil War, nor the Confederacy. It was all about Power. Establishing their own order over everything else. Power and Control, and nothing more. Hiding behind a “noble” facade. I am so glad Trump brought up the removal of monuments, asking, where does it end? This is what Nazi Germany, Isis, and other tyrannical regimes have done in the past. And where does it end? What’s next, book burnings that don’t fit in to the ideology–who judges what is wrong and what isn’t And when they run out of monuments, books, movies, speeches, publications, blogs, what’s next to be removed–people?

Today, Michael Moore has called me, a Trump supporter, an enabler to a rapist. He has levied one insult after another against people who supported Trump. In my opinion his trip last night to Trump Tower was nothing more than a publicity stunt to bolster his pathetic play on Broadway. The majority of Republicans in Congress are a bunch of cowards, and that goes for John McCain and Paul Ryan. Where was there any moral ambiguity in Trump’s comments condemning this; the moral ambiguity lies when someone for political expediency refuses to call a situation as it is–a deadly riot caused by a pair of far too radical idiots facing off with one another. What stupid judgement not to call it so.

There is so much condemnation for a man who took a stand to call it for what it was. What are we becoming as a nation?

A Cosmic Question I Posed Not So Long Ago to God.

After watching Olivier in, “Hamlet,” and pondering on many things and events that have transpired over the years, and the news in June about your career, my mind and heart felt pulled to introspection, caused by emotions welling that I couldn’t quite name nor identify until they surfaced into lone huge question that I asked God. Why do you waste His gifts to you? Why do you waste. And that didn’t just cover your career; it covered like the gift of true love that you likewise wasted. And I’m thinking of tugboats, flies, incest and getting retched out at the mere sight of its origins and again I ask God, why do you waste so much of His gifts?  Why do you waste?  Why do you waste?


I have decided that this is my all time favorite picture of you.  You’re cuter than an ornery, hungry, just woken out of sleep puppy, a really littler growler.  So cute!


And, She Came to Me.  Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww….another foray into the meaning of modern life????

But you’re so cuuuuuutte!



TURN, Ms. Stanwyck

Yesterday afternoon I watched, “The Mad Miss Manton,” with Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda. This was a lot of fun. Miss Manton was a New York debutante with a cadre of fellow debutantes who were always playing public pranks for charity, thus named, The Park Avenue Pranksters. Every scene with Miss Manton and these girls always showed them dressed in evening wear with fur coats, even in the thick of adventure and sleuthing. It was from the late thirties and I liked it.

The last episode of the series for “TURN: Washington’s Spies,” aired Saturday night. I will miss this show, and the last episode tied up all if any loose ends, but particularly moving and beautiful was the way it concluded: It was Abraham Woodhull, now an old man, writing a letter to his son telling him the truth of what happened during the war–it’s worth seeing again for this part alone. You only see a gray haired man from behind writing at a desk as scenes are described and shown in flashbacks when they were all young. I don’t know if you will watch it or not, or saw it, but here’s a spoiler: Anna Strong and her husband Selah reunite and move to Connecticut. There is a scene as the narration from Abraham continues, of himself as a young man just staring longingly across a body of water, and the accompanying words are: “Although I loved your mother, you must know that all my life I loved a woman named Anna Strong.” The scene switches to Anna watching her children play beneath a tree, but suddenly she turns in a direction behind her as though she’s seeing and feeling someone who isn’t there. The pull of Abraham and the love between them. So sad.

Sunday Morning, Good Day

Yesterday evening, the sunset off the back porch (to the right, West) was lovely–a combination of apricot, lavender and violet. So naturally I had to go out there to be pleasantly surprised it was somewhat cool, with a refreshing breeze and little humidity. Sometimes, around my birthday, sometimes, on my birthday, we get a spell of fresh, dry weather, a hint of fall. Weird. But a nice Happy Birthday. I somehow always remember that today is Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday. Fitting he was born on the 13th and I can see the Leo in him.

Being tall somehow lends itself to community service. So many times in grocery store aisles, little bent elderly ladies will ask me, “honey, can you reach such and such for me on that top shelf?” It’s endearing–I’ll turn into an aisle and see them struggling and if they catch sight of me before I reach them, their faces will light up with relief. I consider that one of God’s gifts probably by way of Scandinavia and definitely Mr. Cyril J. Frois. This morning I was on my power walk, nearly finished and I saw a lady walking to the dumpster, a high dumpster with no other openings except the top. Now this was an African American lady and I mention that because she was groomed in a style that I admired–hair pulled back and braids coiled at the top of her head with dangling earrings adopted by some African Americans–it must be the influence of my silk road heritage, but I love that look and I told her so. She was throwing her garbage out and then realized she had also thrown out her bag of paper towels and other groceries. And couldn’t reach them, nor see them. Okay, I climbed on the dumpster and I could see them but they were a little out of the way. She got a wire coat hanger that she straightened out and using this I was able to get her bag. But the funny thing is that she just looked at me and knew I would reach it. Height again. As I said, a good day.

Not doing a lot of cooking today. Plenty of salad stuff and chicken and that’s all I want. If it doesn’t rain, really want to swim. Yesterday I took some thin chicken breasts, seasoned them, sprinkled fresh rosemary from the front porch on them, drizzled raw honey over them and added a little stock and baked–it was delicious.

I watched, “Inferno” with Tom Hanks yesterday. God, what a bad movie. And I read the book. Tom Hanks looks bad, not aging well at all unlike some other people I know.

Charlottesville, Va

What happened today in Charlottesville in sickening. And it is the white supremacists, nationalists who give conservatives a bad name in some circles because they claim to be conservative patriots. This is not what conservatism is about–not violence, murder, anarchy. These people came from out of town to a Southern town that was protesting the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee and mixed in, and then came the anti white supremacists wearing helmets and carrying clubs attached to their signs and now 35 people are injured and three dead. What kind of hate propels someone to drive a car into a crowd of people and mow them down? I sincerely blame the white supremacist groups, who carry the Confederate Battle Flag, or stage protests like this about Robert E. Lee using it as a vehicle just to spread their poison, for the reasons why there is such a movement to remove these monuments and ban them. Unfortunately, it isn’t the historians, writers, teachers or preservationists whose voices are being heard to keep these intact, it’s only the rabid animal howl of these hate filled twisted people who use these historic symbols–these clowns, Dylan Roof, etc, etc. And no, I don’t believe America belongs solely to white people. There’s a huge part of me that still believes America honestly belongs to the Native Indians, but I don’t believe we are a nation that should solely be white. This is not conservatism, it is certainly not patriotism, and I didn’t vote for President Trump out of a sense of hatred or the idea he was the poster boy for hatred. David Duke, today, tweeted that President Trump should remember it was people such as himself and his minions that elected him to office. No, it wasn’t all people like Duke and his crew. Years ago I thought David Duke had changed his spots and matured after being in the KKK as a teenager. But he hasn’t. And this is not what the state of Virginia is about, nor frankly,the South in general, but it is these bussed-in, flown-in, flunkies who sully Southern ground whenever they placed their bigoted, hateful feet upon it.

Still Pontificating. And, I’m Baa-aack.

Still on the Mitch Landrieu soapbox.  Rather amazed at the reporter who interviewed him yesterday, who didn’t challenge him, question him or press him, but just sat there smiling and nodding at his deflections and dodging and scapegoating.  I can’t tell you how I itched to be there interviewing him.  I’m sure he would have thrown me out on my ear from City Hall and banned me for the duration of his term.  Not that I would  have rude or obscene nor unprofessional.  I just would have done my best to nail him to the wall.  One of his responses about his priorities was to say, “whenever anything goes wrong, the monuments will be brought up.”  Uh, yes, that’s right, because when fundamental things that should just be part of the norm are grossly neglected, and the whole city gets thrown in an uproar over the monuments and you’re neglecting the duties of mayor incumbent upon you, wouldn’t you say, that’s a given.  Here we are just when hurricane season begins to peak–mid to late August and September, and no pumps.

I live in Jefferson Parish, just over the line from Orleans Parish.  My home parish is predominantly run by those dastardly Republicans who hold most of the public offices.  1)  Crime is very low; 2) Streets are maintained; 3) Excellent law enforcement in the form of the JP’s.  One step into the Democratic-run Orleans Parish, and it’s like being in a third world country.

Well, I’m back to the fray.  Still exercising in the morning with walks, plan to swim, eating very healthy, and back and legs remain limber.