Leo Crossing

And so, we cross into the time of Leo, or, The Hot Lion. Crashed and rested yesterday in the once again reverse Sabbath too tired to do anything but errands. Bought peaches and fresh apricots yesterday, so chilled and delicious one day in the fridge

Years ago when I was three, someone gave perfume for little girls, a toy of sorts but it smelled so good to me. Crazily enough, at World Market, I found some soap made in Portugal, castlebel, in the prettiest wrapper named, White Jasmine. It smelled just like that perfume, so I bought it. Yesterday, I found some wax cubes from Yankee Candles scented, White Jasmine. I am melting one in the kitchen now and it reminds of that perfume.

Had a pretty good Sunday dinner. Dredged chicken legs and thighs in seasoned flour and browned them to a crisp in olive oil. Added minced garlic, mushrooms and white wine to the pan and slowed this. Served it over bowtie pasta and had a simple, delicious salad of spinach and kale that I tossed in an herb vinaigrette made by a local craft company, Cousins…wonderful concoction of olive oil, cider vinegar, baby spinach, garlic, bread crumbs and a soup├žon of flour. It was perfect with the greens that was also perfect with the chicken and pasta.

So hot outside I have drawn all the blinds and took one of the blue panels on the back porch door and and clothes pinned it across the picture window behind the telly. It gives the room a certain Je’ne c’est crois. I know I totally misspelled that. Sitting in a cool, shaded, scented Haven. PS. According to St. There’s, your mother wants us together!



So hot and an even hotter weekend. Due. Before I head to the kitchen for an ice cold, limey Margarita a post for you. Miss my easy access to my site. But to praise someone…The second season of X Company has come to an end and there is an actor named Torbin Librecht who plays a young, conflicted Gestapo officer. He has caught my eye from the beginning for his talent and the storyline. You see, he and his wife Sabine had a “Mongoloid” son named Ulli whom they adored. A rival officer reports they have a “defective son in this land of the master race and instead of allowing Ulli to be taken to a home where horrendous experiments will be performed on him, Faber smothers that adorable, trusting child with a pillow. Long story short, Aurora befriended Sabine and revealed what her husband is doing. They are trying to turn Faber into a double agent. In a scene where Sabine, Faber, Alfred and Aurora confront each other, Faber breaks down about Ulli and one of the things he days in German was that he always sees Ulli before asking him ,”Papa, why did you let me go?”. Well, that man had me bawling. And I thought his performance was award-worthy. Googled him and sure enough, he won the Canadian Screen award for best supporting actor in a series. This is such a good show. I never realized Canada’s involvement in WWII. A couple of episodes ago one had a title completely in French…do you know, I read it twice and then completely knew what it meant. I know more French than I realize. The translation was, the truth will set you free.

Monster Movies

Spending a pleasant Saturday afternoon nursing a chilled Chardonnay with a nice finish the reminds me of spring grass…grassy! Watched one of my favorite monster Movies, Val Lewton’s , “I Walked With a Zombie.”. Then, a Hammer film with Joan Fontaine, ” The Devil,’s Own” from 1965… With a ritual towards the end that nearly had me on the floor. The priestess’s get up would be ideal for Halloween, but I doubt any place would admit me with burning candles sticking out of my horned headdress. Joan Fontaine’s wardrobe reminded me of the way Mom dressed back then. Listened to WWOZ in the car this morning, to the Irish Music segment and it made me want to re-read, “Scarlett, ” the sequel to GWTW. It cannot touch the quality of Margaret Mitchell’s work, but it was rather fun and enjoyable. I love how she returned to Ireland, to restore the glory of Gerald’s ancestors, although he was, as Rhett said, a Mick on the make.

I have likewise taped another favorite of mine , Lesley Howard’s “The Scarlet Pimpernell.”. Do you know I love Lesley Howard in everything except GWTW.


…hot. Errands are run, been walking for three hours climbing steps with groceries…now all I want to do is watch taped zombie voodoo movies all afternoon, nurse some ice cold white wine and nibble on ice cold cherries and raspberries with perhaps one golden delicious apple thrown in for good measure. Heaven. Was completely out of Nola for days when I am not in the elan mood for Coco Mademoiselle . Bit I also found another one there by the same scentlatiers. I made up that word just now. I rather like it. Orange Vanilla and heavens, it reminds me a lot of Shalimar, my fall and winter fragrance. Alert the media! Whilst driving home, rollicked in my seat to Springsteen’s, Mary, Don’t You Weep No More. Damn , that’s a good one!

Bastille Day

My mother loved Bastille Day. Yesterday, Friday the 13th was the 18th anniversary of her death. And I just felt like being happy about her, not sad. And I had to laugh…TCM showed zombie and voodoo movies all day long yesterday, a few that I taped. “Monster Movies,” she used to call horror flicks, which she hated.

I saw some of Peter Strzok’ testimony before Congress. What a despicable, smug, rat-faced, smirking SOB he is. By the way I am on the way to Walmart this morning, if he was there, I wonder if he would be able to smell this Trump supporter. And I would also like to say, thank you, London, for making our President feel so welcome. Lucky for you your ancestors did not feel this way about America when Hitler was nipping at your toes. Why didn’t you take to the streets when the really bad guys from China and the Middle East visited? I’ll give you a slight pass because I now believe most of London is now Muslim with a really wretched mayor. Not that I think all Muslims are churls. I am certain the favor will not be returned the next time a British dignitary visits us rank Yanks in the USA.

I dreamed I flew to London the other night, and I kept calling it the city of love.

I went to a health fair at Tulane and would you believe I won A Fitbit Apple watch! It’s charging now. I never win anything!

I have been wondering if someone in your circle might not be feeling a little or a lot, what is that crass term on social media–butt hurt now that the Emmys have been announced. Aw.

Today is also national Mac and cheese. Hmmm

Saturday, Hot

So absolutely hot, Mon Dieu, c’est chaud! Cooked a ot of red beans this afternoon as I dusted the living room. Sipping ice cold Pinot Grigio, watched a sow about The poltergeist Curse, all the deaths connected to the movie, and do you know in the swimming pool scene where JoBeth tg Williams keeps falling in with the skeletons they used actual human skeletons…what were they, crazy? This really sickened me, assistant all the subsequent deaths…since I got DirecTv, didn’t renew all the channels that have all the ghost shows and feel lighter for it…

Had to show a picture of my little corner featuring the new lamp.

I have to verify this but I strongly sense that one of President Trump’s candidates to fill the slot on the Supreme Court, Amy Comey Barret, is a product of St. Catherine Siena. There is a deacon, Michael and his wife, Linda, who sang with me in the choir, Amy Comey Barret is a native New Orleans already being shredded theSM for herCatholicism, and she really resembles Linda.. I will hsve to ask…Lord, wouldn’t that be something if…no, not yet, I won’t go there…Burt an answer to a prayer…

The Wine Show

Ovation, a really great net work this autocorrect is the pits…has The Wine Show, that I tape each Wed
Night and I really enjoy. It is hosted by two Brit actors, Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys, based from “or villa in the Italian Hills.”. They are both cute as buttons, funny and for a long time waiting I thought they were significant others to each other but after I googled them I found one is married and the other is involved with Felicity someone the actress. There is a master wine expert who travels the world in the most unexpected places to find wine….and well, I enjoy it very much, it is humorous, gorgeous and these guys make it a lot of fun. They even visited a vineyard where Gregorian chant is piped into the cellar where the casks of wine live. One episode, Joe the master told them the wine they were about to taste had some sweetness and Matthew Rhys said, my word, that’s frightening! Well, the Pinot has had time to breathe. Making hamburgers tonight Nawlinns style…cooked down with onion, muskies and peppers.

Beignets, The Virtue of Doing Laundry in the Afternoon Heat ,oh and Steven Seagal.

What is the virtue of carrying laundry up and down baking stairs with a bad back, across a baking parking lot to a baking, sweltering laundry room? I will tell you:sweat. Cleansing, toxin design sweat. Heat index is three digits. So,just emerged from a cool shower smelling like April Violets, donned the jammies that were so hot from the drier but I had the foresight to drape over the purple fan that made them so cool. About to crack open a bottle of Pinot g. That has been chilling in the freezer to which I will bubble ice cold mango, kiwi and peaches

This morning awakened just dying for beginners. It has been over seven years since I had any and I drive thru the drive in pick up window and bought two orders…one for today and one for borrow to sip with Southern pecan coffee, a sample at Joe W’s this morning where one of the Dorignac’s,’s dudes and I clinked cups and said, Cheers. Sometimes Dorignac’s is like a food Disneyland.

Yesterday I watched, Under Siege, Dark Territory. sequel. Well, I enjoyed it very much, cliche ridden action flick that it was. I still marvel whenever Steven Seagal, big, burly and a killing machine opens his mouth and that pitched voice cones out…I used to make ,Mom laugh imitating him. My brother thought the former Mrs Seagal was drop dead gorheous and I cannot tell you the row that caused one night by the insanely
jealous Mrs.F. Alas.