Whew, it’s been super busy. Our Chairman stepped down a week ago Friday and an Interim Chair is in place. We work very well together, but with all the changes it’s been hectic. But challenging in a good way. Our former Chairman is still part of the Department’s faculty, not gone away, and I’m glad of that.

Are you going to take any strolls soon? Progress report.


A Velvet Sort Of Night

I enjoyed, “Outlander” so much last night that I watched it twice. Jamie, in his grief at being separated from Claire, (she’s not doing too well herself, poor Frank!), has turned into this stone quiet recluse living in a cave hiding from the Sassenagh. His red hair has grown beneath his shoulders and his wears this brown cap at a rakish angle and I swear he looks just like this bearded hippie dude who used to work at Smith’s Records on St. Charles Avenue back in the sixties ( he also wore a similar cap at a similar angle.) I retired early, started to at least, but then I felt like catching a tape of Svengoolie, “It Came From Outer Space.” Fell asleep in the recliner, got into bed, fell asleep, awakened in an uncomfortable position at 11:30, went to the recliner again with the orange and purple lights on the porch shining, and the next thing I knew it was 4 AM, which seems to be my general rise time now. I felt like I had rested in a velvet sky all night long and went somewhere very deep when I slept (although not that strange sleep of Labor Day when Le Bon Dieu mercifully clobbered me). Made coffee, and then watched the rest of, “It Came From Outer Space.” Sven had me laughing out loud a couple of times, and I enjoyed this movie, it was classic sci fi from the fifties with bad special effects, but not too bad, and those wonderful, eerie music themes, and Barbara Rush who even screamed at the sight of a Joshua Tree. Sven wrote a song about this.

Diane De Poitiers



Another quiet Sunday. Don’t overdo if you’re getting cabin fever. One day maybe you can tell me exactly what happened. Eat well to heal well. Goodness, wouldn’t some ice cream taste wonderful right now?

I taped a movie this movie on Turner that I watched this afternoon, very surprised at how much I enjoyed it, and how well-acted it was although Lana Turner was the star. It’s a true story about a historical figure I learned about once long ago who fascinated me, but I never found out more about her I only Henri II of France loved her very much, his mistress, Diane De Poitiers, a noblewoman, while he was married to Catherine de Medici.This movie was made in 1956, and a very young, incredibly handsome Roger Moore played Henri, a French king with a British accent, but no matter. He was perfect for it. As always I think Pier Angeli is in a movie and it turns out to be her twin sister Marisa Pavan who played Catherine and gave a fine performance also. I googled Diane and found her portrait; she really was honestly beautiful. And as I watched, you became Henri and I was Diane; there was such true love.

If you can’t open the link to her portrait, just google her name and you’ll see her wearing a little coronet shaped like a crescent moon.  She loved the moon because it was associated with Diana goddess of the hunt and moon.

I’m tired.  Are you all right?


It was with a sinking feeling yesterday that I realized the LSU Tigers were going to play Mississippi State in Starkville Saturday night. I remembered the times this much superior team in different years got creamed. Well, stark it was indeed. The Tigers looked terrible; Mississippi did not. The penalties nearly crippled LSU, nullifying two touchdowns that would have given them a 21 point lead before the half. They lost 37-7, with one player being disqualified for “targeting.” A new, good rule involving head butts to heads, but humiliating. This game was so bad it was almost entertaining.

But one thing that surprised me to learn is that there is a sports bar in New York, very popular, named Legends, and they hold LSU night, as they did last night, very well attended. Imagine, Tiger fans in the Big Apple. There are also going to hold a college football day this week. Spread the purple and gold!

There was a downpour during Mass yesterday, and a downpour when I got home, but the sun was shining, so you now who was beating his wife. Going to cook a lot of veggies today and just chicken.

Passed one tree on the way home from Mass with leaves that were turning a little gold, no doubt because of the early cool snap. And sad news, you know the house with the little Christmas palm tree I look forward to seeing each Christmas? There are new owners there, they’ve been renovating and the outside is this bland gray-beige. But the heartbreak is that they cut that little tree down; it’s toppled in the green space and how on earth anyone who could set eyes on that adorable little thing could cut it down is beyond me. Do you ever notice people who gravitate to bland colors usually have no sense of soul. For example, at the end of Codifer, where I make a left turn to get home, there has always been this beautiful white house at the very end facing the street. For years, growing in front of it was a most magnificent live oak tree, tall and spreading, and owners who lived there when Mom was alive, at Christmas would wrap the trunk and some of the branches in white lights and it was an exquisite thing to see. It was exquisite any way. A couple of years ago, it was vacant and then I saw it being renovated and then I saw the new owner one morning. She had placed white chairs on the porch much too big for the space, she was a young woman with dark hair and fair skin, wearing a white robe planting white flowers in front. Then she planted white flowers on the fence. Every time I’ve seen her, she’s in white. There’s so much white it’s like a vat of milk. And then I drove home one evening at the beginning of summer to see that the oak tree in their yard had been cut down. It was an abomination. And even her Christmas decorations annoy me. Each year she hands on the fence this illuminated wreath with the old Hippie peace sign in the middle.

Almost Time For Mass

I’m about to jump in the shower and get ready for Mass and choir. Ran my errands, came home, had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch, and caught up on all my taped ghost shows, such a perfect prelude for Holy Mass. Heathen, heathen, I say. But I do have to say that the season or perhaps series finale of “Ghosts of Shepherdstown” was a a real riveter. I won’t spoil it if you try to catch it, but maybe, don’t miss it! Let’s see, I watched, “Kindred Spirits,” “Evil Things,” “Ghosts of Shepherdstown,” and”Haunted Town,” the last with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, a bunch of good ole’ boys from de deep South, but not quite as deep as Looziana.

Don’t know what made me think of this as I was wandering into Joe W’s this morning, but I remember back in the 70’s I had ordered via TV a double album set of all of Brook Benton’s hits, his recording, “Rainy Night in Georgia,” still my favorite song every. I swear there’s a scene in “Nights in Rodanthe” when Dianne Lane and Richard Gere are pitching groceries into the garbage can getting wasted on Jack Daniel’s, where I’m sure she pulls this same album out, puts it on an old stereo receiver and Brook begins to sing. But in addition to Rainy Night, there was this song also, and I played it over and over again until it’s a wonder the grooves weren’t worn out. I’ll play it here for you.



This morning I would have made you cheese grits for breakfast. Feels so good on the tums, especially you’re in a state needing comfort food. But not instant grits, grits you have to cook in a pot. Dorignac’s stopped carrying these divine yellow grits that tasted so much like corn, but those would have been my grits of choice. Then take sharp, sharp Cheddar cheese and swirl into the hot grits until it melts and melds, add butter–sometimes I’ve gone crazy and added homemade pimento cheese spread. Yes, cheese grits for breakfast for you today, if I could. And I forgot to tell you–VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU TAKE AT LEAST 1000 MG OF VITAMIN D all through this daily.

Did some housework this morning, getting ready to run errands. The Autumn equinox arrives Wednesday, so, I don’t care, I’m putting up my Halloween lights on the back porch, but it will be like an autumn leaves motif, some red, some purple and orange. Hot and muggy again today, rained last night but no cool front. Wearing my nightshirt that say I Will Start Working When My Coffee Does. Branched out a bit coffee wise–tried Starbuck’s Morning Joe grounds. I love it. It truly reminds me of the Eight O’clock coffee Mom always made from the A&P while we were on Joliet St. Eight O’Clock has never tasted the same since, but Morning Joe reminds me of it. And, coffee always tastes better in a white mug. Don’t have to buy a lot of groceries this morning, just a few. Think I’m going to buy a washboard because I love to wash my clothes by hand.

Rivershack, Again

That building has been there for so long in so many reincarnations. But looking at the pictures, and it really looks like a fun place, I saw the old black and white one that read, COLORED BAR. Corlis, my coworker, an African American lady, and I are of the same generation. I went to St. Rita grade school uptown and she went to St. Joan of Arc some blocks away, a black grade. Corlis is familiar with the Rivershack and when I saw that old picture I told her about it and mentioned it said, “COLORED BAR/” We both started laughing, while a millennial here got offended by it. A white millennial. Now, if Corlis and myself, who came up through segregation and desegregation from a black and white perspective, can laugh at some of the silliness of the old days, and the younger generation cannot, does that mean we are the true veterans of the fight? Corlis immediately recognized the connection with the Colored Bar because the Rivershack is on River Road and Shrewsbury Road. Shrewsbury was a predominantly black neighborhood. One day we shocked some of the younger ones in here when we explained the respectful way to refer to African Americans in our day was to say either, colored people or Negroes. When it changed to “Black,” we were both shocked. I couldn’t believe how astounded they were. Lot of history with this place. I need to go vibe it out. So wish you could come with me because it also looks like your kind of place.