Still Pontificating. And, I’m Baa-aack.

Still on the Mitch Landrieu soapbox.  Rather amazed at the reporter who interviewed him yesterday, who didn’t challenge him, question him or press him, but just sat there smiling and nodding at his deflections and dodging and scapegoating.  I can’t tell you how I itched to be there interviewing him.  I’m sure he would have thrown me out on my ear from City Hall and banned me for the duration of his term.  Not that I would  have rude or obscene nor unprofessional.  I just would have done my best to nail him to the wall.  One of his responses about his priorities was to say, “whenever anything goes wrong, the monuments will be brought up.”  Uh, yes, that’s right, because when fundamental things that should just be part of the norm are grossly neglected, and the whole city gets thrown in an uproar over the monuments and you’re neglecting the duties of mayor incumbent upon you, wouldn’t you say, that’s a given.  Here we are just when hurricane season begins to peak–mid to late August and September, and no pumps.

I live in Jefferson Parish, just over the line from Orleans Parish.  My home parish is predominantly run by those dastardly Republicans who hold most of the public offices.  1)  Crime is very low; 2) Streets are maintained; 3) Excellent law enforcement in the form of the JP’s.  One step into the Democratic-run Orleans Parish, and it’s like being in a third world country.

Well, I’m back to the fray.  Still exercising in the morning with walks, plan to swim, eating very healthy, and back and legs remain limber.


Tired, In A Good Way, And Mitch Has Struck Again.

I am pooped, and please pronounce that with two syllables as if it were a line in a play by Shakespeare, e.g., “all are punish-ed.” I am poop-ed.

Back at work; everyone was glad to see me as was I to see them. But left at 1:30 PM because the Honorable Mayor of New Orleans, Twitch Light Bulb Landrieu, declared a state of emergency. Here’s the scoop, here’s to show his priorities, and here’s to show what a continuing joke the city government of New Orleans under this “progressive, Liberal, Democratic” mayor.

You may remember a little storm named Katrina that hit New Orleans 12 years ago this August 29. The city was underwater, deluged, over a thousand drowned, catastrophic devastation. You would think that after that, the mayor of the city would make certain the sewage and water board pumps would be in tip top shape, especially since a heavy downpour can cause street flooding. You would think. Well, two weeks ago, there was widespread flooding in the city in a heavy rain, cars, homes damaged. And then there was this past Saturday when it all happened again in the same areas. Come to find out, and revealed only after residents stormed City Hall, most of the pumps were not turned on; most of the pumps are out of commission. Landrieu made a big grandstand position afterwards firing people and pushing them into retirement saying this was unacceptable. What I find unacceptable is why didn’t he make it his priority to ensure, as mayor, New Orleans was protected by an adequate pumping system.

But wait, to the state of emergency today: last night there was a fire at the one remaining operational pumps that knocked it out of commission. Heavy rain was due to move in. Landrieu issued his state of emergency; all schools that had just opened for the new year were closed. There was not one iota of remorse from this main for his failure, not matter how much he tried to scapegoat the S&W people. Tonight on the local news, the subject of his priorities was brought up in a WWL interview. The reporter said the Internet was inundated with questions about his priorities, citing the monuments came down but the pumps weren’t fixed. Do you know he blamed the failure of the pumps on the voters, who, back in 1992, did not vote for a “parchment expense” that would have prevented this. Then he said, “as far as the monuments go, people are never going to change their minds about it–I realize it, and in all of the outcry, I did the right thing. People will be wearing their jerseys about this forever. So, we raised the money for them to come down; I can’t worry about that.” Well, my language as I heard this probably had Mom rolling over in her grave. And all of this was spoken so dismissively and with such condescension. A city below sea level, devastated by, and prone to floods, and it’s the voters of 25 years ago who are to blame. Well, he played to his political base by removing the monuments, but gotta tell you, most of the constituents whose base he played to are the ones who got flooded in this latest canard. IF there were no funds to fix the pumps, why was no bill introduced under his watch to have a new vote for allocated money? If he could raise two and a half millions buckeroos to remove the Confederate monuments why couldn’t he have raised the money to fix the pumps? Because it would not have given him the publicity he wanted; if he really cared about the people of New Orleans, his priorities would have been in their long term behalf. He is a disgrace and I think he is just about the worst mayor New Orleans has had in my experience. He makes Victor Schiro look like Churchill. I hope Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest and J.E.B. Stuart all visit him tonight when he’s sleeping and pull on his toes.

Rockies Man

His name is Jonathan Lucroy, one of the catchers. He has a shaved head and his beard was nearly to his collarbone. I haven’t seen someone psych out a pitcher who was trying to psych him out this well since Mark Grace played for the Cubs and went up against a Cy Young award winner whose name escapes me, but an arrogant cuss. He absolutely wilted as Grace hit one foul ball after another on him, and finally wonking it straight out over the ivy at Wrigley.

A Fitting Ending

To my vacation, which, despite the brief blood pressure scare of yesterday, has been almost ideal. Did laundry very early this morning, returned all those books to the library and checked out four more. Mysteries. Reading “Shattered” I found it was really nothing more than a rehash of the Clinton campaign, most of it I already knew watching the news but I do have to mention this interesting point: On election night, Clinton was gathered with her minions, including Bill-Baby watching returns. The coverage on the channels they watched was inconclusive and decidedly at odds with the phone calls they began receiving from her people in key states telling her Trump was winning. So, and I quote the authors, “the Clintons switched to the reviled Fox News channel.” Here, their reports on the returns were spot on with the Clinton ground game, and beyond, and ultimately, completely spot on. You know, Harvard School of Journalism, not exactly a conservative institution, recently did a study of the news coverage of Trump on all networks, including cable. All of the networks with the exception of FOX has broadcast 90 % or over completely negative reports about Trump and hardly anything positive. Fox, on the other hand,was split down the middle, with an even proportion of positive and negative reports, journalism as God intended it to be.

Came home had lunch, and it began to pour, so a swim was out of the question. But this morning I once again walked a mile in under thirteen minutes. As I sat in the warm lamplight with the rain outside, something made me turn on the MLB network, Channel 312 on Cox. It was a game between the Colorado Rockies and the Cleveland Indians, and what a game it was, low scoring, great pitching, and I found that I was enjoying it very much. It was good to have the house filled with the sound of baseball on a lazy afternoon. It occurred to me that it is the Cubs games and the Yankee games that break my heart. This game went into twelve innings, tied at 2 at the bottom of the ninth. I was pulling for the Rockies. You should see this dude who plays for them, Lubock, or Lubeck, something like that. A true personality. Who cracked one straight out of the ball park to tie the game.

A Cubs game is on now, but I was motivated to do housework, and the announcers on this one were really annoying me. I’m about to switch to the news, but I will visit this channel again, simply for, The Love of the Game.

Work tomorrow. I don’t mind. I’m rested, happy, about to take a Lisinopril and so far my back hasn’t frozen. Maybe the walking and the swimming will keep this at bay. But I don’t dare not take it.

Blood Pressure

Took my blood pressure yesterday afternoon when I thought I was quieted enough. Got the Bejesus scared out of me: it was 155/122. The diastolic reading freaked me out so I immediately took the Lisinopril, sat down, scared enough to say a second rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet and waited unmoving for about one and a half hours. I took it once more and thank God it was 120/78, which is ideal, and when I awakened this morning, it was 105/65, a little low, but I had just gotten up. My back and legs have felt much, much better without the meds, but I can’t risk another stroke. I’ll see how it goes.

Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell died yesterday and it made my heart drop, but he’s free from Alzheimer’s and I can’t imagine what he’s singing up there in heaven. “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” is the first song I ever heard of his. It was hot summer, as it is now, and I remember my cousin Russ had come for a visit and brought along one of his college buddies named Bo, really straight guy, who had red hair cut like a Beatle’s and brown eyes. I took to Bo immediately; he was crazy, and fun, and kind in a not ho ho ho sort of way. He stayed overnight in Tim’s room with Russ, a room that boasted a twin bed and a sofa that pulled out into a bed. So the three guys were well bunked. When we all rose the next morning and were in the kitchen getting coffee, I was of the age that I kissed everyone good morning, including my brother (sometimes). I kissed, Mom, Tim, Russ but I stopped sat Bo, not so much that I didn’t like him enough to kiss him, just respected a stranger’s boundaries. He looked at me with those cow eyes, turned his cheek to me pointing at it. I was glad to give him a big kiss, and he folded his hands together and looked heavenward–it was so funny. But the connection to Bo and Glen Campbell is this: I thought Bo was a natural clown, so funny but that changed in a way when we were all in the car driving with the radio playing. “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” came on and Bo shushed everyone and turned the volume up. He sang only one verse with Glen, “but she’ll just hear that phone keep on ringing, off the wall..that’s all.”

Do you know, whenever I hear this song, I think of Bo, and summer, and laughter and before all of us really knew anything but youth.

Well, I just want to say, God bless you Glen Campbell, and thank you for all the enjoyment you brought for so many years.I’m sorry to see you go; there aren’t many, if any, left like you at all.

Brain Candy

About to go for a swim. Walked a mile in 12.5 minutes

this morning.

Last night, saw, “The Firm” was being broadcast and I watched it again. Yesterday morning I also watched, “Absolute Power” again. But I always wait for the line in The Firm, let’s order pizza, drink beer and watch Star Search.  You know why.

Brain Candy had a quiz to determine what is your theme song. I scored, of all things, Strangers in the Night, because “I have a romantic soul.”

Time For A Good Old Song



One of my favorites, haven’t heard it in ages.

Today, I did buy a blood pressure cuff but haven’t taken my pressure yet. Instructions say to do it one hour after eating, drinking caffeine or alcohol, bathing, walking. Rest for fifteen minutes then take it. Okie Dokie.

Well, it was very hot, but the sun was gorgeous this morning, a beautiful day so when I came home I changed into the black bottoms of the black tankini but the old tropical flowers of the first tankini that has black in it, and swam for nearly an hour. So, not only walked one mile, but swam as well. It wasn’t hard at all; it never was ever before until recently.

This afternoon, painted by toenails Robin’s Egg Blue. Brandi picked out two colors for me because she said they were my colors: Romance Red, and this blue, kind of the color of my aqua-turquoise T. Funny, Mrs. Courtney used to say those were my colors also…

I swear I love the song I posted.


No naps yesterday.

I had started taking the Lisinopril again for weeks, back freezes, upper legs freezes, hip freezes. The effort it takes to move is exhausting. So, I haven’t taken it for the last four days; this morning, for the first time since I can’t remember when, I walked a mile in my usual fifteen minutes with ease and the only thing that kept me for going for two was the breathless heat. It seems to me that if my blood pressure was high, without the medication, I would not have been able to take such deep hours-long naps. Before the strokes, indeed, even a little bit after them, but especially before, I could never sleep, I would lie awake until three in the morning and have to rise two hours later for work. This went on day in and day out. I don’t like not being able to exercise; the weather has made swimming impossible mostly, and I don’t like struggling to move just to get from Point A to Point B. This isn’t supposed to be a side effect of Lisinopril but somehow it seems to effect me this way. Going to get over my fear of checking my blood pressure, buy a digital cuff and monitor it without taking the meds. It seems to me exercising is just about the best way to control it, that and diet.

I had forgotten my plan to paint that alligator in Kevin B.’s kitchen. Have to buy a long canvas first!

Emotional Botany

You know, for anyone in a relationship with someone who believes, every relationship has a gardener and a rose, you have my pity. That would suck the life out of anyone, except, perhaps, the “rose.” Ooh. Who thinks up this sh!+? Poor gardener, digging a hole for yourself with your own shovel.