Winter Ghosts, Language, A Question, A Reading

I finished, “Winter Ghosts” in one sitting. I liked it and got a bit of a turn because it took place in the Pyrenees between the border of France and Spain, the Occitan, and touch upon the Albeginsians and the Cathars. It was a good ghost story, the kind I like, but it wasn’t really scary, but a good tale. The book was prefaced with a poem written in what was described, “the old Occitan,” and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the dialect because it seemed like Latin, then Spanish, and then French just to get me confused. So, after finishing the book, I checked on the old Occitan to learn that region had been part of the Roman Empire, there in the Pyrenees where Latin was spoken, then vulgar Latin as time wore on, then Catalonian, and being so close to France, how could that not influence it. In other words, part of the Iberian peninsula. You might like this little gem, the tale of an upper British middle class young man traumatized by loss, healed by…well, won’t tell you the end.

Felt utterly compelled to do a reading for you this afternoon asking how serious you were about leave work for good. Cards said it isn’t your work you want to leave for good, it’s something else, and you’re sublimating. Not going to help.

Cards also asked the huge cosmic question, when are you going to stop resisting that beautiful dark brown bowl of chocolate ice cream and stop starving yourself on little blue M&M’s? In an emotional sense, of course.



It is the middle of October and still hot enough to swim. I’m so tired of heat and mugginess; it’s been nearly six months of this crappola and the cool front we were supposed to get was sabotaged by Monsieur Nate. Thank you, Nate-Don. Last night was a miserable night for me; I slept fitfully, kept biting my tongue and inside cheek in my sleep, why I don’t know, bad dreams of arguments, finally just got up at 4 AM and slept like a log in the recliner. Had one of those half awake half sleep visions–half saw I was perched on a mountaintop with lofty pillars of old abbeys rising around me, all around like protection and the feeling was such peace, then I slipped into wakefulness to see the pillars were the angles of my living room, the corners, the molding. Every time I sleep in the recliner, it’s the most healing, blessed sleeps–but then again, the picture of the Sacred Heart guarding the hall with the Divine Mercy beneath it to my right, and then to my left, the Blessed Mother…who knows, and who can wonder.

But I awakened finally to the sunrise sluggish and tired as I had not been in a while. Something made me check my Tulane emails and there was a message from my old friend Darlene who has invited me to dinner on 11/4–and do you know, I was suddenly energized and began moving to get dressed to do errands. I think there’s a lot of positive energy with Darlene and that got translated to me. A blessing.

So, I showered, with Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts and Ginger–it’s like bathing in incense, got dressed and ran errands. It was good to get out, but so miserably hot. And to be gross, in Zuppardo’s (followed by a trip to Joe W’s) I swear I never ran across the path of so many older men who needed to wash their hair. Ew, dirty stinking hair. For Pete’s sakes, how long does it take for a man to stick his head full of hairs no more than two inches long under a faucet, slather on shampoo, rinse and then just go? Noxious clouds.

When I pulled the last buggy at Zupp’s to shop there was a sign revealed on the wall that said: God gave me a special gift. What I do with it is my gift back to God. Well, that applies to the both of us now, especially now, doesn’t it?

Going to read, “Winter Ghosts.” Then, “The Seance.” Almost to the six week mark. Don’t do anything crazy once you’re healed. (Because I felt you wanting to slug the royal crap out of someone and I think you know who I mean.)

A Portrait Of The Consummate Mother Dog

And this is Hillary. On the Weinstein scandal. What a morally bankrupt disgrace this woman is, and may I suggest, before you read the article, watch the video first.

As far as Harvey Weinstein goes, entering sexual rehab to get help, sorry, that piece of shi+ needs to be under the jail for rape and sexual assault, then get the rehab. And I do feel the vast Hollywood and film “elite” who knew about his behavior and just dismissed it as Harvey being Harvey are as complicit as he is in this guilt. And I marvel at their moral hypocrisy seemingly lording it over conservatives with their phony self-righteousness when the majority of them are nothing but pieces of trash who made it big with no moral compass whatsoever. And that brings me to that ape in a tuxedo, Jimmy Kimmel. First observation, I sincerely believe, looking at his eyes, is that he has a major drug abuse, if not downright addiction, problem. It’s either heroin or cocaine, but having worked in medicine for so long, including a psychiatric drug rehab hospital, I’ve seen people with problems with eyes like his much too often. He has said virtually nothing about Weinstein when he is constantly bashing President Trump and conservatives night after night. I saw his disgusting video when he was hosting the Man show, or something like that, interviewing women in the street, including an eighteen=year-old girl, about finding something in his pants, grope him, telling them to put their mouths around it. Another piece of walking, hypocritical crap. All the people who are now speaking out against Weinstein after years of knowing what he did are calling each other heroes for speaking out. That’s pure and utter bullshit. Really hilarious are the actresses who call themselves feminists, especially when it comes to defending their precious abortion rights, who never made a stand to protect other women against Weinstein. And that goes for the women who also sexually exploit other women in their own films they make. If you get my drift.

And as far as Hillary in this video, what a miserable liar. What she did to Clinton’s victims was a disgrace. At least Weinstein’s wife has the moral backbone to ditch this bastard. And no, sorry, dirty locker room and talk and bragging like President Trump did on the Access Hollywood tape is disgusting, but it does not have the moral equivalency of rape and sexual assault. And I think everyone who kept their mouths shut about Weinstein,who were not victims, because they were afraid for their careers are no better than prostitutes. And maybe that’s an insult to prostitutes to say that. And, spare me, Jane Fonda, you’ve always been a phony liar.

Thoughts At The End Of The Day

From Monday to today.

Although I didn’t want to take the bus home Monday evening and chose a cab instead, I wasn’t looking forward to being in a cab on the I-10, nor sitting in a cab, cab in general. But promptly at 4:30, my cab arrived, the door opened automatically and I stepped into this immaculate SUV that smelled of pot pourri. My driver was an elderly African American gentleman with the merriest of faces wearing a jaunty newsboy cap. We struck up a conversation and he was a lot of fun. When he reached the I-10, he was the best driver, maneuvering the traffic beautifully to the point that when we reached the cemeteries I said, “Thank you so much for not making me nervous!” My heavens, he burst into a real guffaw, and cried, “Girl! You are crazy!!! Girl, you are crazy!!!” He got a big kick of that and I laughed with him. He drove me right to Mr Bonura’s still laughing and you know, I was sorry to see him go. I told him if I ever owned a limousine, he could drive me anywhere.

Well, last night I watched, Cabaret,” that I had taped. Saw it back in the theater, couldn’t really warm to it, saw it a few years later, felt the same, but last night I won’t say I warmed to it, but it didn’t leave me as flat as before. Truthfully, I only watched it last night to see Joel Grey’s performance. Takeaway from last night: it’s really a pretty good movie, well-directed and well-produced. But for the life of me, I can’t see why Liza Minnelli won an Oscar for it. She just played Liza Minnelli as I’ve seen her act in many interviews and onstage. But as far as Joel Grey goes, hands down well-deserved Oscar. He was magnificent. I’m glad he won after all these years still see he merit in his performance. Minnelli is a wonderful musical performer and was so in her numbers in the movie. Marisa Berenson was so beautiful as Natalia; had to laugh because I used to pluck my eyebrows exactly like hers always calling to mind Mom telling me I looked like a turnip. I’m glad I watched it again, keep singing, “Tomorrow Belongs to Me,” in my mind. But Joel Grey–fabulous.

Don’t Be Too Surprised…

…by this.

But I sincerely want to praise Ronan Farrow for breaking the Harvey Weinstein story. It was damn fine journalism, and he deserves a lot of praise and I freely admit I admire the work he did. I also praise him for taking the story to the New Yorker when NBC sat on it for a year. Where the hell is Chet Huntley, David Brinkley or John Chancellor when you need them? Good job, really good job. Kudoes also to someone who was ahead of this nearly thirty years ago when he described this man as a disaster.

But I really will hand it to Farrow.

A Feather

Somewhat mysteriously, there’s a gray feather in front of my desk at work. It wasn’t there this morning, no one knows how it got here, it is a real feather, mostly gray with some white. A coworker told me, “Feathers appear when angels are near.” So I went online asking about the appearance of feathers in unexpected place, and it is indeed supposed to be the sign of an angel. This is what finding a gray feather means:


Posted on July 28, 2016 by wishingmoon
If you’ve ever found a grey feather in an unusual place, you may have been left scratching your head and wondering how it got there. Whether you’ve found a feather in your house, car or even your purse, it could be a sign that angels are near. Let’s take a look at the messages your angels are trying to give you…

A period of tranquillity may lie ahead
Have you been going through a tough time? The grey feather might have appeared to reassure you that the road ahead is much more positive. The feather won’t undo the past nor will it erase bad memories, but it could help to ease your pain and suffering.

Whether you’ve lost your job or someone you care about has passed away, the grey feather could be trying to tell you that everything will be okay. It might not seem like it at the moment but you’re a strong person and you will survive this. Make yourself and those you love proud by holding your head up high and carrying on with life as best you can. Eventually you’ll feel like a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you’ll start to feel joy again. Things will get better and these negative thoughts won’t last forever.

Now, Monday morning I awakened at 2 AM and sat in the living room with just the Halloween lights on outside, nursing a glass of cool water in a blue Mason jar that acts as glassware for me. I was overwhelmed with memories of what happened 21 years ago, overwhelmed by memories of the pain, the incredulity and all that’s come along since, not without a wonderment over how cruel people could be. I just gave all of this to God and told him I needed some help, some perspective.

Interesting Brain Candy Test


I think you might enjoy this one; I would love to know the results YOU would get! Here are my results:

You have deep perception! In most of the pictures, you noticed the deeper., hidden image. This reveals that you’re a creative thinker who notices details that others easily pass over. You’re intuitive and easily see people for who they are, behind whatever mask they may be wearing. You generally read emotions and faces with ease and you most likely have some kind of artistic or musical talent. You often express unique ideas that shock or impress others, which may have caused you to feel somewhat misunderstood as a child. You’re a true artist at heart with great healing potential. Have you ever thought about helping others? If you haven’t, your brain is definitely built for it!

Twinkles Toes and I say hi!