So Sleepy!

http://  Duh, been wondering all morning why I am so sleepy, and it just hit me:  Turkey=tryptophan!  Ah, so.

Staying in jammies, staying put, enjoying the gorgeous day from the glass door of the back porch and opened windows.  My dinner yesterday turned out to be delicious.  Never ate any of the pie, though, well there’s today.

I’m crashing in the recliner under Earl’s quilt and I’m in the mood to, and am doing this, watch the “Ghostly Encounters” marathon on Destination America. A little switch from the sugar plums of Hallmark.  But I’m so sleepy in a good, good way.

This little charmer in the link above won the National Dog Show.  His name is Newton, a name I once considered for a name if I ever got another dog.  It would be nice to curl up with this little due today under Earl’s quilt!  If the link doesn’t work, and if you want to see him, please google, National Dog Show.


A Beautiful Morning

It was a pleasant adventure to Joe W’s this morning and back.  First, it’s in the forties (YAY!) with a 15 mph NORTH wind.  The day is dazzling.  Smells like heaven outside, fireplaces, and the random bird roasting en passee…Had to laugh when I pulled into Joe W’s parking lot.  Never saw so many old men running into the store wearing shorts, bare legs with boat shoes, baseball caps and down jackets over all of it.  Walked in behind a gentlemen in screaming orange shorts that almost looked like undies, with black hightoppers and socks that reached above his hightoppers, and of course, baseball cap and down jacket.  They had that same I forgot something last minute look to them like I felt.  Driving home was gorgeous, passed several men —all the women must be inside cooking–and doggies being walked by their masters.  Suddenly brimmed with pure joy and realized I haven’t had a Thanksgiving this happy in many many years.  Bought some croissant, a cheese Danish and a caramel swirl.  Didn’t think I would have pie so I didn’t bake one, but I cheated and got a pumpkin pie from Joe W’s supreme bakery.  A bottle of Bolla Soave was just tilting outward on the shelf so I know it was waiting for me.  Got to retire to the kitchen now and cook.  Heavenly day, Thank you Jesus.

Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve been up since 3:15AM.  Decided to just start.  Made a divine pot of coffee, poured myself a full cup and open my pill compartment thingy to take Lisinopril, that I promptly dropped by accident into my coffee.  Oh well, infusion.  About to head out to Joe W’s because although I stopped there last night forgot to get the butter, some foil, honey and wine–yes, I know you can hardly believe I forgot to get the latter!  Leaning towards Bolla’s divine Soave.

Seasoning is chopped, squashed cooked to be made into casserole, carrots peeled (to be cooked in a honey bourbon butter concoction, celery cleaned and peeled awaiting cheese filling.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and may those golden threads that connects us so dearly glow and convey love, love, love.

I tired to tell God all I was thankful for, but I was so overwhelmed by everything, I just said, EVERYTHING!

A Happy Day

Don’t know where I went last night when I slept but I awakened after sleeping at least 8 hours in a very happy state of mind.  Jovial, energized.  Mon Dieu, it’s been a busy, busy morning.  Thawed my turkey breast and drumsticks over night and marinated the breast in white wine, garlic, seasoning and rosemary early this morning to sit for the next 24 hours.  Drumsticks marinating in a seasoned broth.  Traffic was minimal, thank heaven.

One thing that was a pleasant takeaway from, “The Nine Lives of Christmas,” was this:  somehow I’ve never been able to picture a handsome, strapping man, fondling a kitty cat.  The two components could never jell in my mind.  However, the fireman in this story, tall, dark and handsome in a lean, muscular way, showed such tenderness with Ambrose it was like watching a man with a pooch.  So, yes, now I can picture it, in more ways than one!  If you get my drift.

Another day to wear flannel and grey combat boots.  Need to stop at de sto’ tonight for mo’ butter and garlic powder.  Living room still dusty.  Oh well, I will just write, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone in the dust.

More Cold Weather

I’m getting really shameless with the Hallmark Christmas movies.  Watched one this morning before the sun came up (that almost made me want to get a cat) called, “The Nine Lives of Christmas.”  Orange tabby cat named Ambrose who adopted a hunky fireman.  Fell asleep early, awakened at 1:30, tried to sleep, gave up and just watched television.  Finally around 3 AM, decided I’d make a really nice breakfast that included an omelet with shallots and mushrooms, low sodium sausage on the side, toast and coffee.  ’twere good.  Two beautiful sunrises in a row on these chilly mornings.  City Park is a joy to drive past, as is Lakeview and Mid City.  Feel like doing something creative soon, resisting once again the urge to get a pooch.

Photo on 11-21-17 at 8.01 AM #3

Cold Weather

Wore my barn jacket this chilly morning, and flannel.  Couldn’t fall asleep last night until 2:30 AM, arose at 5:30, somehow I keep going.  That reminds me of the Energizer Bunny, who also reminded me of Earl.  Both of them had that same ‘tude–little cute badasses.

An Observation of Gambit

“Gambit” is a weekly paper published here, a quirky New Orleans-scene type of thing that I’ve written for in the past.  Haven’t picked up an issue in a while, but since I don’t get The Advocate anymore, missed the crossword puzzles.  This particular issue of Gambit was a Trump basher, the cry of the sore losers, and when I got to the Newsday crossword puzzle they publish, I really had to laugh.  It’s a shame they spent such energy bashing and didn’t check to see they had misprinted the placement of all the crossword clues–the across was where the down should have been, useless.  Kind of reminded me of the Oscars when they flubbed the Best Picture announcement after the bash fest all evening.

Again, had to laugh.  Reminded me of Berlin 2005.  Bill and Hillary were at an event that was supposed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his being elected president–in other words, it was Bill’s night, but Hilly baby had the mic and more or less minimized Bill’s election because and I quote, “he didn’t have to contend with FOX news” the way she did. Bill’s body language during her spiel was priceless.  He actually looked ashamed.  Amazing how some wives will take over the stage when their husband is actually the honoree.  And rudely tell the husband, SHE will sit at the center of the table.  In front of everyone.  Gotta love those similarities.  Hilly baby is past making a fool of herself with all of this.  That is the longest book tour I think I have ever seen.  And again I say, “What Happened?”  You lawst!  Really, sweetie, is building a character the same as building a piece of furniture and do things just have to, “break out?”  Meow.

Belated Thanks, and a Kitchen Disaster

This morning in my first post, I wanted to just type and shout, Praise God, and thank you Jesus for this wonderful day, but I stopped myself, to my shame.  I put something first before Him, and that’s never right.  So, praise you God and thank you in Jesus’ name for this wonderful morning, my home, my life, all that’s past and all that’s before me.

As, as the Lawd always brings me up short, when I fall short, something happened when I was cooking this morning that made me immediately cry out, Thank you Jesus!  First off, I started everything today without prayer.  As such, everything went off kilter until I finally did pray.  I cleared out some leftovers in the fridge before I started cooking and put the dishes to be washed on the back stove burners, one of them a  pyrex glass pie plate.  I was getting ready to brown the sausage and ham seasoning (this time in the old black cast iron skillet) and turned the burner on.  A few miutes later I realized I had turned on the back burner where the pyrex pie plate was.  I quickly moved it to another unlit  burner, and stepped away from it.  And just it time because it completely exploded with a horrible sound.  Shards of dagger-like glass flew all over the kitchen with such force that I don’t know what might have happened if I had still been standing there.  So, my first words were, Thank You Jesus!Which reminded me I hadn’t thanked him yet for prayed.  And heavens, what a mess.  Large pieces, small pieces, invisible pieces, even in the chopping board of seasoning I had just chopped and had to throw out because I didn’t dare use any of it in case I missed the glass.  It was such a mess on the stove, counter, floor, and even the Hurricane spin broom couldn’t pick it up.  Grateful it didn’t fly into my neck or eyes and no cuts except for a little pin prick when I cleaned it up that issued one drop of blood.

Well, the beans have been bubbling away.  I have to say that browning the ham and sausage in Mom’s old cast iron skillet drew me back years because it smelled exactly like it did when I was a kid and she fried bacon for breakfast. Utter perfume.  Added the onions and celery to this and cooked this down in the skillet also–it has given the bean “juice” the most delightful, smoky taste.  This will be my seasoning pot of choice from now on.

Well, the wind is whipping through, I’m going to take a ginger shower, and as I’ve been on my feet since around five thirty- this morning, (i’m trying to get at least two hours of standing in my routine daily, more when I can), I will probably sink into the recliner.  Think I’m going to put blue curtains in the living room window also, colonial blue.  Don’t know if it’s the cataracts, but my eyes are much more sensitive to light than they ever were.  Going to start thinking to plan for surgery.  Perhaps before my next birthday.