The Fifth Of July

Lazy afternoon in the recliner.  Starting a bottle tree on the back porch.  Caught this cloud this morning at sunrise.  Picture doesn’t do it justice…it was absolutely on fire.

Saw an Interesting Character last week driving to work.  At first, I faded in shock because I thought it was an ugly old lady with fried yellow hair piled into a Gibson girl with huge floppy belly riding bare breasted on a broken down bike, but on closer look I saw it was an ugly old man wearing a man-bun, shirtless, with floppy man boobs.  Gynocomastia.  I call him, Granny Adonis.

Lonely for you tonight.



Fourth of July Morning

Happy July Fourth. Wish Turner was showing seven hours of the film, Gettysburg. This was the dawn this morning, this is also me in the bathroom, and the hair is back, and also a testament to how much a mess I am in the mornings…truth in journalism!


Now I cannot access my website from my he computer. Going to try to build another site on wix…tomorrow, I am tired. Rainy, damp overcast evening…good to come home to delicious split pea soup and hot, crusty, buttery French bread…after a bracing nip of Jack.


Oh my goodness…forgot to deliver this earth-shattering report:  I don’t   like Tequila Sunrises.  Ooh, what a waste of good liquor.  Blecko, gross, ca-ca.  Come to think of it, I really don’t like mixed drinks that require orange juice, maybe the exception is a Planter’s Punch, but seriously, I do not like TR’s.  I also remember once having a mimosa at a BRUNCH I was attending, and it was just about the most God-awful thing I had ever tasted that just soured my stomach.  Why ruin champagne that way.  Well, snukums, wish you were here so we good have a good long chat.  Hope it rains this afternoon, but the view from the Ernest Hemingway room doesn’t seem to bode well for that.

Midnight Rain

Last night I awakened exactly at midnight, formerly the Witching Hour, to discover it had been raining, and judging from the saturation of the flowers on the back porch, and the puddles on West Napoleon, it had been raining for some time and was now just a drizzle.  Beastly sorry that I slept through it.  But it was cooler at 5:30AM this morning when I opened the front door; not so much now.  Sun is baking hot, brought the gar-bage to the dumpsterrrrrrr and that super short walk nearly had me lathered.  It’s Too Damned Hot!  Isn’t that a song, or something?  Well, let’s see, it’s been only about fifteen minutes since Broadway did another revival of, “Death of a Salesman,” isn’t time for another…????  A reflection of the time in America when it was dangerous to be a liberal…I mean, Good God, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a liberal, was only elected to the presidency a historic four times…no doubt it was danger of being a liberal that would have kept him from being elected to a fifth term had he not succumbed in office.  Right?  At the revival, they could have Robert DeNiro introduce it simply by repeating, “F Trump!”  And Michael Moore can do a tap dance first that ought to bring down the house…literally.  You know, I really need to read more about Winston Churchill since I bloody well like the chap so much, really I do, ripping and all that.  He has said quite a few gems:  One that came my way the other day was this, and I had to laugh in complete approval and agreement, remembering the bleeding heart liberal days of my early youth.  Churchill said:  paraphrasing, “if you aren’t a liberal when you’re very young then you have no heart; if you aren’t a conservative when you are older then you have no brain!”  Huzzah!

At present, the smoky scent of split pea soup is wafting through making my tummy growl and mouth water.   Used the blue stipple pot to cook the beets which are now cooling to be part of the beet salad; made a concoction of thin chicken skinned breast, a dish that’s baking…put a cup of jasmine rice in a casserole with chicken broth, onion, carrots, curry and ginger with a can of coconut milk.


The heat this past week has been merciless, with no rain for a break.  Just came in from running errands and it’s brutal.  It was 97 degrees at 10:30 AM.  It was hot like this the summer before Katrina, I hope to heaven it doesn’t last.

But, wonder of wonders, today is the first day in over two months I was able to venture forth without my friend, the Wig, or a baseball cap.   I was able to style my hair as usual and although it isn’t as long as it was because I chopped several inches off to strengthen it, I was able to pull it back into a French twist again, and it felt really a relief to do this.   I’m going to continue with all the vitamins, since they seemed to have restored my former vigor.

Although it is beastly hot, tomorrow, because I’m in the mood for it, going to prepare a pot of split pea soup ramped up my way.  Spicy with some unusual things thrown in.  Also bought some golden beet salad salad in a balsamic olive oil vinaigrette…it’s like eating candy.

Corlis at work, friend and coworker returned this week from a cruise in the Caribbean.  When she returned on Monday, she wore these Margarita-plae green but bright slacks, and a printed blouse that had the same color as background, but filled with light tans (monkeys), pale blue, yellows…it was adorable and looked so good on her, fresh from the Caribbean, that I honestly want to do a color pencil sketch of her in it…might  try this weekend.  If it comes out okay, I will give it to her.

My bedroom lamp is a wreck, so I went to Marshall’s today to find an expensive lamp for inexpensive prices…oh, my Biker lamp, how I miss you, and I wanted something in blue…I found this gorgeous lamp in Delft colors, dark blue print on a white background, brought it home, set it on the dining room table for a moment and it looked so beautiful in the living room that is where it will remain…I’ll move one of the living room lamps to my room.

Well, it is past eleven, my lunch time, and I am starvin Marvin.  Later on, since I have nearly a full bottle of Jose Cuervo, and since I bought orange juice and grenadine today, I think I might make a Tequila Sunrise.  Would you believe I have never had one?

I found this incredible website based in England called, New Chic.  They have a slew of vintage-type dresses and I ordered one and it arrived this week, fits just as I like it, so I am going to get a few more.  These dresses will be perfect for autumn and winter down here in N’awlinns.  The one that arrived is wine red; awaiting another one in black, it has a hood and looks like a monk’s robe.  Can’t wait to wear it with a red scarf, ooh the devil in you!

This morning, before I depart to have luncheon…too late for BRUNCH, two shows I watched early, Lark Rise to Candleford, and a rerun of The Rifleman, had themes centered around a snake.  This was a little daunting to me.  Lark Rise used this as a theme of trusting amid doubt; The Rifleman used it as a theme for treachery.   Don’t know if this comes from the Indian spirits who want me to get into the mind of that particular totem as once advised, no way, Pal, or it is a sign I will cross paths with a snake.  Either human or not…or maybe, just caution about being too quick to judge or act upon something.  You know, I really do like Lark Rise to Candleford.

To the kitchen….


Random Thoughts

Yesterday, in addition to subjecting myself to the wretched, “Let’s Make Love,” or How to Exploit a Voluptuous Woman, so sad…couldn’t help but observe that I am willing to bet the homestead that Marilyn Monroe NEVER kissed Uncle Arthur the way she kissed Yves Montand in that elevator…honestly, who could blame her…but, to return to my original thought, and one of a purer form…

I also watched, “The Good Earth.”  Do you want me to recount the relatives, teachers, relatives, teachers, who, through the years, have extolled the virtues of that movie to me?  Even my mother who would say, Luise Rainer…in such a way.  This is I have avoided because I figured it would be like, “The Yearling,” “Bambi” and I have not been in a mood to grieve when watching a movie.  But yesterday, I watched my tape of it, and, darling, what a magnificent movie, and story.  You see, this story strikes at the heart of the human experience, that is, if you’ve been a human and have pure experiences such as grief, desperation, betrayal, loving someone enough to let them go to do what they must do…and, loving an animal as your friend.  The scene with the ox had me nearly sobbing.  There were so many masterfully filmed scenes in this movie that make you remember what it is like to be a human being torn and hurt by life, oh my heaven, the scene with the ox, and the locusts…and after all she had been through with Wang Lung, the betrayal Olan had to suffer. And, this movie has one of the best endings I have ever seen, with one of the best closing lines ever. A powerful, powerful movie, and I need to read the book to see if Olan ever really knew what she meant to Wang Lung.  It also features one of the best ass-whippings of a father on a grown son that I have ever seen, with good cause.  A great movie, and a great story, and I must read the book.  They rarely make them like this any more.  My mother also spoke of the same reverence of Luise Rainer with Paul Muni, and I have to agree, he was a great one.  A brilliant movie, that yes, reduced me to tears, but not the blubbering of “the Yearling” which I clearly associated with someone telling me  I had to take a gun to Little Earl.  Oh, God, never.  I would have escaped with him, and gone some place in the wild, pitched a tent on the levee and we would have lived together in freedom.  I always found Pal Muni handsome, but I never realized how pretty Luise Rainer was…

Well, my darling, I imagine you are sound asleep, unless you are like me, staying up reading or watching flicks, but I sincerely hope that when you awaken in the morning six hours hence from me, this message of love from me to to you greets you like a sunny plate of golden eggs…just remember, they won’t be the eggs I’d cook for you, topped with Becahamel, and sorts of decadent things…