Have a little folder tucked away of photographs, many of the most recent of you and they are happy ones.  I haven’t looked at them in several days and did a little while ago.  Funny, at the sight of you, all was happiness, and peace and everything was right with the world.  And as I sat there feeling this, a trickle of words from long ago began playing in my mind that suited everything, a trickle I couldn’t place, one phrase…”your eyes feel like silence resting on me…”  Then I remembered this song from so long ago, and I found the lyrics and wanted to place them here for you to see.

Your smile beams like sunlight on a gull’s wing
And the leaves dance and play after you
Take my hand and hold it as you would a flower
Take care with my heart, oh darling, she’s made of glass
Your eyes feel like silence resting on me
And the birds cease to sing when you rise
Ride easy your fairy stallion you have mounted
Take care how you fly, my precious, you might fall down
In the pastel skies of sunset I have wandered
With my eyes and ears and heart strained to the full
I know I tasted the essence in the few days
Take care who you love, my precious, he might not know