Labor Day is Monday, the official end of summer. Wore my deliciously cool, baggy, white cotton slacks to work today and said out loud, realizing, “Today is the last day I can wear my white pants!” Brandi, a fashion guru, immediately popped up: “Miss Jeanne! Don’t tell me you aren’t going to wear white after Labor Day! You’re going to come in here next week with your white pants! That’s such a Southern thing, not wearing white after Labor Day! Joan Collins would come in here dressed in white from head to toe, with furs.” I replied, “I can’t, Brandi, I just can’t!” And I really just can’t. She slapped her hand to her forehead and said, melodramatically, “the belle in you just won’t let you!” Alas. (Southern by the grace of God.) I really thought this was a sort of universal tenet not just confined to the south, but, I’ve been wrong before.