High white clouds this morning, but there was also the sun. It was good to see it again after days of rain. Drove to work and got caught in a really nice little squall on Tulane Avenue, but as I was close to work, didn’t have to drive in it for a long time. You should see how beautiful all my flowers, herbs and plants look on the front and back porches, a little beaten down, but mostly buoyed by all the rain from Harvey, and very lush. The periwinkles are so tall, and Ralph, the Atomic Pumpkin’s fuchsia flowers and leaves are also dense and tall. The atmosphere is scrubbed and cleaned and gleaming from the rain that really did pound a lot early this morning.

Another system might form in the Gulf next week. There has been so much heroism during this storm, all of the civilians using their own boats and trucks to rescue people from flooded homes. It’s been beautiful to watch in a terrible sort of way. Louisiana’s “Cajun Navy,” a group of Bayou State volunteers have made it to Texas with their fleet of boats to help in the rescue. St. Catherine’s is collecting supplies to send to Texas–a huge unit that usually connects to an 18-wheeler was parked in front of the church this morning as I passed it. And then of course, there are the jackasses.

A professor from the University of Tampa tweeted that he didn’t now a lot about Instant Karma, but he felt this had happened to the state of Texas because they had helped to vote Trump into office. Really. That’s like the clowns who said Katrina happened to New Orleans because God wanted to punish us. Well, Instant Karma turned around and bit this professor on his posterior–the University of Tampa fired him for making such an insensitive remark. And then there’s the hatred towards Melania Trump because she wore stilettos walking from the White House to Marine 1 on the way to Texas. Honestly, who the hell cares about shoes at a time like this? Jealous, petty, hateful people. The joke’s on them. She had packed a change of shoes and clothing on Air Force One and emerged in Texas wearing sneakers, white shirt and a baseball cap. The New York Times even wrote an article about “why the shoes mattered.” Good grief, do liberals honestly have any type of life or set of priorities to bother about this type of garbage? Jealous, petty, hateful people. Are they going to Texas to try and help the victims there? Optics indeed. Their own actions weave a pretty pathetic picture of their own optics.