I could not miss the opportunity to get up close and personal with Harvey, so I slipped into my galoshes and got under the huge sunflower bumbershoot and went for a stroll in a downpour. No lightning, but the rain was pouring and the air was actually pleasant and cool. Cozy gray day but I’m not going to romanticize this catastrophe. Let his rain fall on me a bit, splashed in puddles, still a kid I suppose, he journeyed so far to come visit us, a questionable superstar of sorts and I wanted to match the feel of him to those red, purple, yellow and green blobs on the weather radar.

So, came back in, and am cooking my version of coq au vin. Will probably start the next Jeremy Logan. “Full Wolf Moon” was good, but it was easy for me at least to predict what was what and who was causing what. Still, I enjoyed it. I can usually solve the murder before the mystery ends, at least identify whodunit–either I’m just very good or read far too many mysteries. I’m sure it’s the latter.

Leftover Jeanne’s Borscht for lunch. Good day for soup.