Yesterday evening, the sunset off the back porch (to the right, West) was lovely–a combination of apricot, lavender and violet. So naturally I had to go out there to be pleasantly surprised it was somewhat cool, with a refreshing breeze and little humidity. Sometimes, around my birthday, sometimes, on my birthday, we get a spell of fresh, dry weather, a hint of fall. Weird. But a nice Happy Birthday. I somehow always remember that today is Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday. Fitting he was born on the 13th and I can see the Leo in him.

Being tall somehow lends itself to community service. So many times in grocery store aisles, little bent elderly ladies will ask me, “honey, can you reach such and such for me on that top shelf?” It’s endearing–I’ll turn into an aisle and see them struggling and if they catch sight of me before I reach them, their faces will light up with relief. I consider that one of God’s gifts probably by way of Scandinavia and definitely Mr. Cyril J. Frois. This morning I was on my power walk, nearly finished and I saw a lady walking to the dumpster, a high dumpster with no other openings except the top. Now this was an African American lady and I mention that because she was groomed in a style that I admired–hair pulled back and braids coiled at the top of her head with dangling earrings adopted by some African Americans–it must be the influence of my silk road heritage, but I love that look and I told her so. She was throwing her garbage out and then realized she had also thrown out her bag of paper towels and other groceries. And couldn’t reach them, nor see them. Okay, I climbed on the dumpster and I could see them but they were a little out of the way. She got a wire coat hanger that she straightened out and using this I was able to get her bag. But the funny thing is that she just looked at me and knew I would reach it. Height again. As I said, a good day.

Not doing a lot of cooking today. Plenty of salad stuff and chicken and that’s all I want. If it doesn’t rain, really want to swim. Yesterday I took some thin chicken breasts, seasoned them, sprinkled fresh rosemary from the front porch on them, drizzled raw honey over them and added a little stock and baked–it was delicious.

I watched, “Inferno” with Tom Hanks yesterday. God, what a bad movie. And I read the book. Tom Hanks looks bad, not aging well at all unlike some other people I know.