What happened today in Charlottesville in sickening. And it is the white supremacists, nationalists who give conservatives a bad name in some circles because they claim to be conservative patriots. This is not what conservatism is about–not violence, murder, anarchy. These people came from out of town to a Southern town that was protesting the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee and mixed in, and then came the anti white supremacists wearing helmets and carrying clubs attached to their signs and now 35 people are injured and three dead. What kind of hate propels someone to drive a car into a crowd of people and mow them down? I sincerely blame the white supremacist groups, who carry the Confederate Battle Flag, or stage protests like this about Robert E. Lee using it as a vehicle just to spread their poison, for the reasons why there is such a movement to remove these monuments and ban them. Unfortunately, it isn’t the historians, writers, teachers or preservationists whose voices are being heard to keep these intact, it’s only the rabid animal howl of these hate filled twisted people who use these historic symbols–these clowns, Dylan Roof, etc, etc. And no, I don’t believe America belongs solely to white people. There’s a huge part of me that still believes America honestly belongs to the Native Indians, but I don’t believe we are a nation that should solely be white. This is not conservatism, it is certainly not patriotism, and I didn’t vote for President Trump out of a sense of hatred or the idea he was the poster boy for hatred. David Duke, today, tweeted that President Trump should remember it was people such as himself and his minions that elected him to office. No, it wasn’t all people like Duke and his crew. Years ago I thought David Duke had changed his spots and matured after being in the KKK as a teenager. But he hasn’t. And this is not what the state of Virginia is about, nor frankly,the South in general, but it is these bussed-in, flown-in, flunkies who sully Southern ground whenever they placed their bigoted, hateful feet upon it.