I am pooped, and please pronounce that with two syllables as if it were a line in a play by Shakespeare, e.g., “all are punish-ed.” I am poop-ed.

Back at work; everyone was glad to see me as was I to see them. But left at 1:30 PM because the Honorable Mayor of New Orleans, Twitch Light Bulb Landrieu, declared a state of emergency. Here’s the scoop, here’s to show his priorities, and here’s to show what a continuing joke the city government of New Orleans under this “progressive, Liberal, Democratic” mayor.

You may remember a little storm named Katrina that hit New Orleans 12 years ago this August 29. The city was underwater, deluged, over a thousand drowned, catastrophic devastation. You would think that after that, the mayor of the city would make certain the sewage and water board pumps would be in tip top shape, especially since a heavy downpour can cause street flooding. You would think. Well, two weeks ago, there was widespread flooding in the city in a heavy rain, cars, homes damaged. And then there was this past Saturday when it all happened again in the same areas. Come to find out, and revealed only after residents stormed City Hall, most of the pumps were not turned on; most of the pumps are out of commission. Landrieu made a big grandstand position afterwards firing people and pushing them into retirement saying this was unacceptable. What I find unacceptable is why didn’t he make it his priority to ensure, as mayor, New Orleans was protected by an adequate pumping system.

But wait, to the state of emergency today: last night there was a fire at the one remaining operational pumps that knocked it out of commission. Heavy rain was due to move in. Landrieu issued his state of emergency; all schools that had just opened for the new year were closed. There was not one iota of remorse from this main for his failure, not matter how much he tried to scapegoat the S&W people. Tonight on the local news, the subject of his priorities was brought up in a WWL interview. The reporter said the Internet was inundated with questions about his priorities, citing the monuments came down but the pumps weren’t fixed. Do you know he blamed the failure of the pumps on the voters, who, back in 1992, did not vote for a “parchment expense” that would have prevented this. Then he said, “as far as the monuments go, people are never going to change their minds about it–I realize it, and in all of the outcry, I did the right thing. People will be wearing their jerseys about this forever. So, we raised the money for them to come down; I can’t worry about that.” Well, my language as I heard this probably had Mom rolling over in her grave. And all of this was spoken so dismissively and with such condescension. A city below sea level, devastated by, and prone to floods, and it’s the voters of 25 years ago who are to blame. Well, he played to his political base by removing the monuments, but gotta tell you, most of the constituents whose base he played to are the ones who got flooded in this latest canard. IF there were no funds to fix the pumps, why was no bill introduced under his watch to have a new vote for allocated money? If he could raise two and a half millions buckeroos to remove the Confederate monuments why couldn’t he have raised the money to fix the pumps? Because it would not have given him the publicity he wanted; if he really cared about the people of New Orleans, his priorities would have been in their long term behalf. He is a disgrace and I think he is just about the worst mayor New Orleans has had in my experience. He makes Victor Schiro look like Churchill. I hope Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest and J.E.B. Stuart all visit him tonight when he’s sleeping and pull on his toes.