Still on the Mitch Landrieu soapbox.  Rather amazed at the reporter who interviewed him yesterday, who didn’t challenge him, question him or press him, but just sat there smiling and nodding at his deflections and dodging and scapegoating.  I can’t tell you how I itched to be there interviewing him.  I’m sure he would have thrown me out on my ear from City Hall and banned me for the duration of his term.  Not that I would  have rude or obscene nor unprofessional.  I just would have done my best to nail him to the wall.  One of his responses about his priorities was to say, “whenever anything goes wrong, the monuments will be brought up.”  Uh, yes, that’s right, because when fundamental things that should just be part of the norm are grossly neglected, and the whole city gets thrown in an uproar over the monuments and you’re neglecting the duties of mayor incumbent upon you, wouldn’t you say, that’s a given.  Here we are just when hurricane season begins to peak–mid to late August and September, and no pumps.

I live in Jefferson Parish, just over the line from Orleans Parish.  My home parish is predominantly run by those dastardly Republicans who hold most of the public offices.  1)  Crime is very low; 2) Streets are maintained; 3) Excellent law enforcement in the form of the JP’s.  One step into the Democratic-run Orleans Parish, and it’s like being in a third world country.

Well, I’m back to the fray.  Still exercising in the morning with walks, plan to swim, eating very healthy, and back and legs remain limber.