To my vacation, which, despite the brief blood pressure scare of yesterday, has been almost ideal. Did laundry very early this morning, returned all those books to the library and checked out four more. Mysteries. Reading “Shattered” I found it was really nothing more than a rehash of the Clinton campaign, most of it I already knew watching the news but I do have to mention this interesting point: On election night, Clinton was gathered with her minions, including Bill-Baby watching returns. The coverage on the channels they watched was inconclusive and decidedly at odds with the phone calls they began receiving from her people in key states telling her Trump was winning. So, and I quote the authors, “the Clintons switched to the reviled Fox News channel.” Here, their reports on the returns were spot on with the Clinton ground game, and beyond, and ultimately, completely spot on. You know, Harvard School of Journalism, not exactly a conservative institution, recently did a study of the news coverage of Trump on all networks, including cable. All of the networks with the exception of FOX has broadcast 90 % or over completely negative reports about Trump and hardly anything positive. Fox, on the other hand,was split down the middle, with an even proportion of positive and negative reports, journalism as God intended it to be.

Came home had lunch, and it began to pour, so a swim was out of the question. But this morning I once again walked a mile in under thirteen minutes. As I sat in the warm lamplight with the rain outside, something made me turn on the MLB network, Channel 312 on Cox. It was a game between the Colorado Rockies and the Cleveland Indians, and what a game it was, low scoring, great pitching, and I found that I was enjoying it very much. It was good to have the house filled with the sound of baseball on a lazy afternoon. It occurred to me that it is the Cubs games and the Yankee games that break my heart. This game went into twelve innings, tied at 2 at the bottom of the ninth. I was pulling for the Rockies. You should see this dude who plays for them, Lubock, or Lubeck, something like that. A true personality. Who cracked one straight out of the ball park to tie the game.

A Cubs game is on now, but I was motivated to do housework, and the announcers on this one were really annoying me. I’m about to switch to the news, but I will visit this channel again, simply for, The Love of the Game.

Work tomorrow. I don’t mind. I’m rested, happy, about to take a Lisinopril and so far my back hasn’t frozen. Maybe the walking and the swimming will keep this at bay. But I don’t dare not take it.