One of my favorites, haven’t heard it in ages.

Today, I did buy a blood pressure cuff but haven’t taken my pressure yet. Instructions say to do it one hour after eating, drinking caffeine or alcohol, bathing, walking. Rest for fifteen minutes then take it. Okie Dokie.

Well, it was very hot, but the sun was gorgeous this morning, a beautiful day so when I came home I changed into the black bottoms of the black tankini but the old tropical flowers of the first tankini that has black in it, and swam for nearly an hour. So, not only walked one mile, but swam as well. It wasn’t hard at all; it never was ever before until recently.

This afternoon, painted by toenails Robin’s Egg Blue. Brandi picked out two colors for me because she said they were my colors: Romance Red, and this blue, kind of the color of my aqua-turquoise T. Funny, Mrs. Courtney used to say those were my colors also…

I swear I love the song I posted.