Saturday and I must be about if I’m going to return a library book that was due yesterday before they open today. But truthfully, yesterday, I couldn’t stir from the house. It rained in sheets of water yesterday, nearly all day long. It was wonderful. For lunch, I dusted some thin, skinned boneless chicken breasts in flour and seasoning, put them in a glass pyrex plate (I think these do best in an elecric oven) in a little olive oil and oven fried them very lightly. I took a salad mix of spinach, red butter lettuce, red cabbage, carrots and cauliflower and plated it, cut some of the chicken breasts length-wise into long strips and over this I poured by own dressing that I made from honey balsamic vinegar, olive oil, raw honey and Dijon mustard whisked together. It was delicious. You know, in Virginia, at least the last time I was there, whenever you ordered fried chicken, they always served it with honey for dipping.

Anyhow, after what was really a very light lunch, sat in the recliner with the quilt, the fan, the rain outside and planned to read, “The House of Memory,” the second Pluto’s Snitch. The next thing I knew, it was three hours later and the open book lay across my throat; I had really zonked out. But I continued reading, and Carolyn Haines, you provided me with a real, honest to God, fright experience that made the hackles on my neck rise that I haven’t experienced in a long, long time. If I had read this passage a few years ago, I would have slept with the lights on. I’m putting it here, it was written by Carolyn Haines, and it’s too creepy not to share.

Raissa is investigating and sees a spirit in a house, filled with evil and negativity; she tells the medium admired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who gives her this advice:

…”you aren’t experienced. If you open the door for communication with this entity, you take a risk.”

“What kind of risk?”

“The corruption of your soul. If you communicate directly with an agent of S—-n,you have allowed a connection. That connection is a chain that binds you to the darkness. You may walk away and think you have won, and this instance, you may have freed Camilla. But you risk an occurrence when you least expect it. The devil will know your name. Evil will pulls that chain, and you will feel the yank. When you battle true evil, you risk everything.”

Okay, Blood of Jesus on that one!

This morning in the sky outside the back porch, there was the most amazing thing to see. The clouds. It was a huge gathering of cirrus clouds, their wisps thick and close together, long and curved towards the earth, curving in an giant arc. They looked just like Niagara Falls, spilling down, even forming foam as if they splashed. Amazingly, clouds below were intermittent and looked like the rocks in the water, and also curved around a cloudless space of sky that was reflective. It looked like the Falls spilling into the glassy water below surrounded by a rocky shore. It was bloody miraculous. Three times now, Niagara Falls has come to my attention, and now this. ?Que pasa?

Have to run.