My back porch. The LSU pansies are long gone, but I kept the pot. The marigolds succumbed to the vicious heat. I kept noticing something growing in the pansy pot and thought it was a weed, a really full, lacy weed. Saturday, I pulled it out to de weed it when I was caught completely by surprise–a knot of marigolds were growing and blooming in it. Looked at my purple wandering Jew in the turquoise pot, and a marigold was also growing there! Somehow, it had re seeded or transplanted itself to these pots. I wonder if that doughty, sneaky squirrel who’s been stealing around on the back porch is responsible? I’ve caught that crazy thing nibbling on my porch lights, and is probably the reason some of them have burned out prematurely, even when Mary Lynn’s loaded fig tree is just a few feet away. Crazy squirrel. Or, it might be that thrush who sometimes visits there to take a dip and a sip in the small gold colored bowl I have out there that catches rain water. Don’t know, but it’s wonderful. They’re Alive, They’re Alive, They’re Alive!

Okay, going to stop being a parrot now. Lunch was delicious–half an avocado filled with chicken salad. I eat so much chicken due to seafood allergies, it’s a wonder I don’t start to cackle.