Gracious, my mind’s all a dither…forgot to mention my shopping wasn’t completely fruitless…found a new nightshirt, a black one with one lettering that says, “I Will Start Working When My Coffee Does.”

Think I’ll make a pot of gumbo although it’s been so hot. Last night, all I wanted was something cold to eat so I made a really good chicken salad. I boiled the chicken in seasonings and shallots and it rendered a delicious broth or stock…Yep, a mess of okra, sausage and chicken gumbo would hit the spot on this rainy day. And the house would smell delicious. I bought a Creme Brulee candle with the most wonderful fragrance that makes me want to devour a box pralines, nearly bought one praline yesterday but refrained. Thinking about Morris, my neighbor years ago and the adventures of being such…remembering that exquisite custard he would give me in a coffee cup and saucer…Morris, so Old South, so New Orleans.

I have had Clara on my mind a lot these past days. She was Baptist, but I am going to enroll her for perpetual Masses through the Little Flower of Jesus society. Can’t rid myself of the feeling that somehow in some way I failed her and I don’t know why.