Must be so much more exhausted than I realized, here I am into Day Two of vacation and it’s already been so wonderful. Yesterday did minimal errands, including picking up, “The Chalk Pit,” the latest Ruth Galloway. Came home just beating the rain, at around 9:30, and the book’s power over me to read it just won. My home was so cool and shady and cozy and CLEAN, on came the purple fan and out came Earl’s quilt, and I settled down with the book and kept falling sound asleep several times–those delicious sleeps when your limbs are filled with the wonderful heaviness of complete relaxation. And it started pouring. It was a wonderful day, and a wonderful mystery that I finished yesterday evening. Spoiler: towards the end, Nelson is stabbed before Ruth’s eyes–now they’ve been very good in almost all the books, share their daughter very well and really had only one slip-up after their first one if you want to call two people in love a slip-up…but Ruth tries to stop the bleeding and in the course of this and the ride in the ambulance both of them suddenly can no longer buy their feelings for one another…he is released from the ER and they return to Ruth’s isolated home on that wild gorgeous marsh and “make love tenderly on Ruth’s unmade bed.” in a way that reveals they have turned the corner in their relationship and Nelson is ready to leave Michelle (finally). However, he returns home and Michelle tells him that she is pregnant at age 46. Nelson pretends like he is glad, but he is devastated, and Ruth, when she learns pretends she is glad but she is devastated and knows he will never leave now. There is a line Ell Griffiths writes, “while Nelson and Michelle mimed their way through domestic bliss…”but there is an out that Griffiths dangles to us at the very end…fine, fine writer.

This was a good one. I’m hooked on the series.

Slept all night long in the recliner, soundly, waking up at 4, then 5, and just not getting up and then waking up after 6AM. I am completing enjoying the rest. Simple meals can fix daily –today–chicken breasts in melted butter, Worchestershire and a New Orleans spice blend. Read an article that most butter substitutes and margarine have the same chemical equivalent as plastic. So, I bought salt free Kerry Gold Irish butter. A glorious shade of yellow, and danged good.