I wonder if they are going to eventually try to ban Michael Shaara’s masterpiece, “The Killer Angels.” About the three days of Gettysburg. In it, the Confederates are not demonized. Sacrilege! Neither are they painted as right, perfect, saintly–it’s just a masterful interpretation into fiction of those three days in American history, and retells what actually happened. So, you come away, at least I did, marveling at the heroism of both sides and the extraordinary men involved–on both sides. But that might make the snowflakes melt.

I lost my copy of this book during the era of WTWTMA, also called, phonetically, “WITMA.” Time to replace it, but this time I think, with a hard copy. Now if I could only find hot cinnamon candies to read it by!

Last night dreamed of little Early-Boy. He was a pup and for some crazy reason I was trying to feed him raw ground beef, and all he did was just keep sticking his little white head with his still short ears in the ground meat, but he always came out clean. He was the perfect reading companion, you know, as he would snuggle up, curl up against me—one day, if ever, I’ll let you know how you compare!

Been having repeated dreams where you and I are in a church together. The last one had me singing in a choir and you were part of the congregation watching and listening and a woman with long auburn hair kept standing behind me pointing to me as though to out me because of you…in this dream, I somehow found a cushion with broad blue and white stripes and accidentally on purpose bopped her in the face with it to get her to stop. Crazy dreams, crazy, crazy dreams.

Today is Vacation-Eve. Let’s make merry and be jolly!