While binge watching MI, Decades also advertised they were showing reruns of  the Golden Age of Television show, “Studio One”every weeknight in July. This was a live TV show that ran from 1948-58, and some of the guests were Grace Kelly, Steve McQueen, William Shatner; Leslie Neilsen. So, I programmed to tape each episode until the end of the month. This morning I watched last night’s run, an episode named, “Man Under Glass,” about, ironically a stressed out director of live television in the middle of getting a live production on the air. Before I go into who was appearing in this, I just have to marvel over the consummate professionalism of the actors in the cast. They didn’t miss a beat, they all gave wonderful performances, every camera angle was pot on and it was all LIVE at the time. Then the cast surprised me–there was Patrick MacNee as the wise, counseling television producer; Alfred Salmi as the imploding director, and then in walks a very young Michael Landon as Augie Barone, an aspiring actor. He was a billed as third lead. Little Joe and Charles Ingalls aside, Landon could really, really act. MacNee was wonderful, andJason Robards, Senior was in it–ironically the drama they were filming took place in New Orleans. This is some of the finest drama I’ve seen, oh hell, from the days when acting was acting. I’m looking forward to the other episodes I taped; I just wish I had known about this earlier in the month.

Well, there was another interesting Brain Candy test: This Color Test Will Determine Your Emotional Intelligence. Link is below if you want to take it. I scored: Kindness:

Your emotional intelligence is largely made up of kindness, making you a truly rare soul. You may not always understand why the world is the way it is or why people behave in the ways they do, but you do know the value of a kind word or action can have much further reaching consequences than other people may understand.