Friday afternoon, one week, one hour and five minutes away from the start of my vacation. Do I sound desperate? I’m so tired right now struggling to keep my eyes open at my desk. Just steeped a cup of Red Rose Tea to try and wake up. This tea is something that Evelina brought to my attention. She used to buy it when she lived in Boston and always got some when she went to visit relatives. Dorignac’s only recently started carrying it, and it truly is a cup of nectar to drink. Even the name is wonderful.

Watching the news last night, I saw some of OJ’s comments during his parole hearing.

– “I haven’t lived a conflicted life.”

– “I’ve never been accused of pointing a weeping at anyone.”

– “I’m really good with people.”

– “These were my things I went after, they even gave them back to me after I was
arrested.” ETc.

Not a conflicted life. Wife beater, serial cheat, anger issues, and, oh, yes, we certainly can’t count going on trial for a brutal double murder conflict. All of the analysts who commented on his behavior in this hearing, and his statements, called him at best, a sociopath, and at worst, a complete psychopath. I think I vote for the latter. It still boggles my mind that a man could brutally slash his ex-wife’s throat almost to the point of decapitation and leave her where she dropped while his two young children slept in the house. What if they had been the ones to discover the bodies first?