I have a confession to make. When it comes, or should I say, came, to movies vs theatre, I loved theatre more.

Not the bad theatre of today, the obscenity-laced plays, the vapid and foolish musicals, but I’m talking about theatre as I knew it growing up. I loved attending plays, sitting in the audience and watching the actors onstage, getting goosebumps, placing myself up there with them remembering when I wanted to act. And did act, in school The rehearsals, the fun, the costumes, make-up, performance. It was exciting, and as I always found a live play to be by a professional group–exciting. Beautiful stage designs. Shakespeare, Ibsen, Shaw, and I even relish sitting in a theatre at UNO watching our friend Tommy Q in a hilarious production of, “King Ubu.” When the lights went down. I loved it more than movies, movie rabid person that I am. Ironically, watching, “Hamlet,” the movie, reminded me of just how much I loved theatre, but it seems to be a theatre that’s long gone now.

I am placing this beautiful photo here to illustrate a previous point made. This scene in Hamlet, a powerful one, calls for a great deal from its actors. The younger man standing upstage of the kneeling Claudius, looks beautiful and brilliant. Claudius, on the other hand, in a scene where he is overcome by his remonstrance deeds and is groveling before the Lord, looks, in this instance, like a cardboard cutout. To my point, your Director sucked.