When I opened the front door this early this morning to let the light in from the storm door window, the sight of the sunrise took my breath away. This was incredible. Two enormous periwinkle blue and lavender cumulus clouds shaped like angels’ wings rose filling the sky, leaving a gap between them glowing with apricot-peach-golden light. Strung from one cloud to another was a double rainbow, and lightning arced from one of the clouds. It all just rose and shone like a mighty chord of music, one of the loveliest sunrises I’ve ever seen. And, more rainbows.

I plan to go to Joe W’s after work and do my grocery shopping for the week and get that out of the way but I haven’t a clue as to what to buy. Stephanie is on vacation and we will have no choir tomorrow, so I plan to stay indoors and finally clean my apartment that’s beginning to look like a flop house it’s so messy. And do laundry. It’s a bit hard on Saturdays to run errands, come home and then get ready for 4PM Mass to fit housework in, along with a stiff back, but this can’t wait any longer. No reading until I’m done. Going to have to revert to my effective habit of housework first on Saturdays, then errands.

The past two days at work have had me singing that REM song, “Losing My Religion.” They’ve been crawling out of the woodwork, not being organized, and because of that making double work for me. What can be more frustrating when you complete something, send it off, to have someone repeatedly come back and say, oh I forgot to give you this; oh, I know I told you to do that but I really should have included this; getting blamed by someone who didn’t do what they were supposed to do because they ignored the email I sent them when “I should have called them instead.” Really? While I and everyone else see it for the blame deflection after getting the hell embarrassed out you, it’s just one more annoyance this week. Working on a project to troubleshoot and eliminate a problem only to have someone send out information ahead of time when they needed to wait for my contribution, thusly nearly nullifying everything. Well, the weekend is near.

Might be posting a message on the other site in a little bit. It’s all good.