First, thank you for being there this morning. The 20-year-old daughter whose mother was the police officer assassinated in New York on July 4th was interviewed, so fresh from the grief, and especially on this morning, she had me in tears as she spoke the universal language of one who has lost her a mother most loved. She was at her mother’s bedside before she died and told her, “don’t leave me.”  I’ve been remembering the day, 13 months before Mom died, that Tim and I had to tell her the doctors believed she had pancreatic cancer.  She was in the hospital, and she became very quiet and then the first thing she said was, “I had hoped for more time with you two.”  You know, I had forgotten that, and for some reason, at the moment, it was  such a quiet phrase of really deep love, it comforts me.

Secondly, by some fluke, a picture of your mother came across my screen without searching for it, and a picture of something else that was extremely beautiful with the words…”don’t leave me.” Perhaps this is the day for mothers: three mothers all lost to their children in July.

And then, this came to my attention by another fluke and I find it irresistible and of course I will explore it. Must find a T-shirt that says, “be Southern.” I love you.