But I’m a little blue this morning. Silly, after a really lovely, restful weekend, good books, good food, but I am. Yesterday afternoon was pleasant reading weather. Cumulus clouds have arrived at last, and the sky was filled with dark ones and it thundered all afternoon, but no rain fell near me. Still, it was nice. And it’s crazy, but for some reason today, whenever I’ve thought about the AMC series, “TURN,” that’s when my spirits sink. Isn’t that nuts?

Well, on a positive note, my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants eggplant dish turned out to be delicious. It has the three T’s: Texture, Taste and Tang. It was creamy and silky at the same time, but the bread crumbs gave a perfect soupcon of slight crispiness.

Maybe it’s time for a vacation. I checked my time and do you know I have five weeks of accumulated vacation time I have not yet used? Have to wrap up some serious things here at work before I take time off, but having a hard time deciding when to do it. I would love to see Key West, but I know neither the car nor myself are up to that very, very long drive-well, perhaps the car is, but I’m not. I would have to fly in and, we all know my thoughts about that. I’ve spent the last so many years immersed in the culture of my own state and now that I am not, I’m longing for the mountains again even as I know this back and these legs are not geared for hiking. So, what to do, what to do? Is it horrible to say that I am perfectly fine staying home–well, I will leave it to the Lord.

When I picked up, “Sticks and Bones,” to first begin reading it, I had one of my fateful wager moments, like the time I said if Hillary-Baby wore a white pantsuit to the debate with President Trump, it would be a sign she would lose the election, and lo and behold. When I started the book, I stopped and said, “whatever happens to Sarah Booth romantically in this book, will be the same turn of the tide for me.” I finished the book yesterday afternoon. Interesting. It was a good book, a little different from some of her other bones, but I enjoyed it very much. And funny, with the mother of all family fights towards the end. Sarah Booth Delaney, lover of dogs, horses and Jack Daniel’s, and her partner, Tinkie Bellcase Richmond, two ladies, especially Sarah, after my own heart.

As I sit here, it’s getting close to my lunch time and I am Starvin, Marvin.