I have been following the story about the little fellow, Master Charlie Gard, and I have to say I am appalled by the way this is being handled in Great Britain. Socialized medicine, and the system acting like it has supremacy over this child’s life when all decisions by the law of God belong to the parents. This is British rigidity and arrogance at its worst, both medically and legalistically. Whatever should be done next about that beautiful little boy, honestly, his little face is perfect, is the right of the parents to decide. They want to take him to the US for a new type of treatment that might offer some hope; the doctors at Ormond say it’s time to take him off of life support. The Pope, President Trump, and now an American hospital are reaching out to them to offer any help they can to honor the parents’ wishes. And what does Theresa May say–she’s sure that Ormond Street has all the treatment options at hand. Uh, no, they don’t have these particular options and that’s just more John Bull arrogance. This baby may die anyway with the new treatments, but for heavens sakes, spare the parents any bitterness compounding the grief of his death if that happens because they weren’t allowed to do what they felt was best for their son because of socialism. Government interference in their lives where it has no place whatsoever. It’s heartless, absolutely heartless and this is one of the reasons I will never support the left and will remain a Republican/Conservative to my dying day. And truth to tell, I am beginning to loathe Theresa May.