Peaceful, restful 4th of July.

But I had the craziest dream this morning.  It was actually very lovely.  I dreamed I was in a swamp watching two men in a skiff lazily paddling through the water.  It wasn’t murky swamp water, but a beautiful crystal green under the overhand of beautiful trees.  I could see snakes swimming in the water but they didn’t frighten me at all, and alligators, and I thought to the men, Be Careful, but nothing fazed them.  Then, the dream changed and I was in the skiff with them, and we came to the end of the swamp to a portage that brought us straight to the Gulf of Mexico, and we were hurtling, in a good way, into the bright blue sky and blue surf, and I thought, “our mothers will be proud of us!”  Crazy, crazy dream.

Will have to try and interpret.