We just got through nearly an hour and a half sitting without power here in the Med School because some genius vandalized a nearby power station and several city grids had to be shut down. No computers, lights, elevators, phones nothing. Good thing we have windows up here. But the hallways and stairwells were black as pitch except for the red glow of the Exit signs.

Actually, it was all rather cool.

I read Country Roads by my desk, somewhat illumined by the windows from Dr. Wu’s office who left his door open. Someone lent me his cellphone with the flashlight app so I could go to the convenience which was like walking into the dark hole of Calcutta. Everything had a mystery to it,it would have been the perfect setting for a murder mystery story. I walked into the lab to try and scare Cathy, saying, in that voice, “I’m coming to get you Barbara!” She didn’t budge but everyone else laughed. Love Cathy. Which brings me to my next question.

Who the hell vandalizes power stations? Members of ISIS?

Ah, New Orleans.

Last week when Tropical Storm Cindy moved through, there was actually a New Orleans Emergency officer telling people about street flooding. “Don’t drive through streets with standing water!” he sternly advised. “You won’t be able to see the potholes and the craters and might damage your car!”

“Pathetic!” I said to the television since no one else was there. But, oh, those monuments came down and that clown Landrieu paid two and a half million dollars to do it, come to find out. Not without controversy. Some of the invoices for the laborers look fishy.

Well, we’re up and running now.