Last night I stopped at Canseco’s and bought the most divine bottle of Merlot that I’ve had in a while.  Anthony Hill Merlot.  God, it was so rich, full, deep, velvety and silky at the same time with a bouquet that had me constantly swirling my wine glass as I held up to the light of a burning white candle.

After the news of last week that made me glad found it also made me sad in a nostalgic way.  One November day years ago, in a heat of passion, I felt the need to clear the decks so I ripped down pictures, tossed out videos, periodicals, etc. in a general cleanup that turned out to be very cathartic, all going into a huge trash bag that I flung  straight into the dumpster with a huge sense of relief. I’ve never regretted doing this all these years.  But last week, remembering the beginning, long before all the bad and the negative when everything seemed to have such blissful promise, I ordered this one and it arrived yesterday.  Funny how the sight of something could carry me back so far.