Finding the source of my chronic fatigue…it falls into the realm of DUH-ism.
Every morning with my vitamins I also have been taking one Bayer Back and Body (500 mg) aspirin. Don’t know when the light bulb went off in my head that it was possibly making me tired, maybe it was after I took one the other night and fell sound asleep in the recliner…anyhoo, switched to one daily low dose baby aspirin, and my, how my energy levels have since soared. And here I was fearing I was going into congestive heart failure…although I did keep hearing that Voice saying, there’s nothing wrong with your heart, there’s nothing wrong with your heart…

Do you know Sunday before last I was watching Dr. Jeremiah show and he was describing how it will be in heaven, and he based this on things he read in Scripture. One thing that stood out that I never even thought was there was this: because, said the Rev, that after Jesus had died and returned to the apostles, he ate breakfast with them by the Sea of Galilee. Therefore, we will be able to eat in heaven. Truth to tell, I was listening more than watching as I was in the kitchen cooking. I thought about this and inwardly cried, Oh My–think of the crawfish boils; boiled crabs; lobsters; oyster po-boys; shrimp; Trout Amandine, and Mom’s Shrimp Creole I might be able to have once again. I sincerely hope the Rev is right about this.