At the very beginning of, “Mississippi Blood,” Greg Isles once again references Robert Penn Warren from, “All the King’s Men.” Never read that book, and really must. He actually starts the novel with this excerpt. Gave me goosebumples.

“For the truth is a terrible thing. You dabble your foot in it and it is nothing. But you walk a little farther and you feel it pull you like an undertow or a whirlpool. First there is the slow pull so steady and gradual you scarcely notice it, then the acceleration, then the dizzy whirl and plunge into darkness. For there is a blackness of truth, too. They say it is a terrible thing to fall into the Grace of God. I am prepared to believe that.”


Okay, haven’t stuck my cat’s claws out in a while. But I have to say to you: in your own way, you’re married to another version of Florence Foster Jenkins, only this time it isn’t someone who thinks they can sing!