Have you by any chance seen the series on NATGEO, “Genius?” It concluded this past Tuesday, and it was about the life of Albert Einstein. Geoffrey Rush played Einstein when older, and a really talented newcomer named Johnny Flynn played him as a young man. It was excellent, beautifully acted, and I looked forward to it each week so much. If you haven’t seen it, please try to as soon as possible. It covered his rebelliousness with his professors (hey, I admire that!), his troubled relationship with his father, how he was forced to work as a clerk because an angry professor blackballed him, his relationship with brilliant and frustrated first wife, Mileva…the story didn’t go marching in chronological progression, but jumped back and forth through time in some episodes. Just completely recommend it. This, apparently, is going to be an annual series covering the life of a genius. Next year the genius will be Pablo Picasso.