I was just, for some reason, staring at my home page and the name of my site. Never told you the reason I named it such. When I was writing real stories for Louisiana Life, I told the story of that dreadful train wreck in the 50’s that happened in Lettsworth. A reader commented about it online very graciously, and even sent a link to find the official government report about it. I responded warmly as did he again–he told me was going to read, “Louisianians All.” Well, I think it was nearly a year or so later that I saw this same person had written a very complementary online review of it, and included the line: “Jeanne loves Louisiana.” That struck me that he would pick up on what a labor of love that book had been, or perhaps maybe I didn’t realize how much love might have been apparent on its pages; don’t know. I only know that during the time I was writing it, I was living, breathing, existing in nothing but the deepest of loves. But, half the name of this site comes from him, and it will likely remain.

I was out of holy water, so I stopped at St. Catherine’s yesterday after work to fill a bottle. The church was deserted, just me, but it was so hushed and so filled with the Spirit. I believe this particular church is definitely a holy, holy place and never more do I feel it than when I have been there all alone. I don’t notice it as much during Mass. But last December when I went to the manger ceremony with the snow, I went into Church and I was alone and the feeling of God’s spirit there was palpable, blessed, and peaceful, something that was very much alive and living.

Well, I decided I won’t go from that last paragraph to the Weekly Moron Report. I will put that in the next post.