goes to–Johnny Depp! After what happened last week, the assassination attempt on Republican congressmen, the near death of Steve Scalise, there Depp is on a London stage asking, “when was the last time an actor killed a president…it’s been a while, but maybe now it’s time.” Well, Depp, you disgusting thing, my immediate thought after my mouth fell open was that all now $30,000 worth of wine you buy monthly must have paralyzed your brain. How can anyone, anywhere, regardless of beliefs joke about killing anyone? This clown should be arrested the minute he puts his stoned arse back on American soil for inciting to harm the president, which, by the way, is against the law. And, making a joke about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in such a disrespectful way. I mean, using it as part of a joke or insane statement. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, except for the first one, are sheer torture. And then there is DeNiro who has turned into Chief Slob wanting to punch Trump, another one who will probably make a film about anything.