Well Verne, I got a what-if for ye.

Back to DNA, but this just popped into my mind two nights ago. I’ve been thinking the Scandinavian connection in my bloodline possibly stems from Mom’s side of the family, but–oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, watch if…it comes from Daddy’s side of the family. I say this because I’m sure we were Norse, just feel it in my bones, and the Vikings were seafarers. And Luis Frois was a seafaring priest who went to Japan in search of the unknown, but there is also that other Frois from Portugal who sailed with Magellan when he circled the world, and with Vasco de Gama, and sailed on his own expedition to South America…what if, Verne, they picked all of that up from the Vikings? Who, I am certain, discovered North America long before Columbus. This is all so fascinating, a wonderful mystery to unravel. This popped into my head after I kind of asked in my post about Daddy on Father’s Day to please explain the Scandinavian thing. More info needed!

Last night I watched, “Death in Venice.” I had taped it. Never saw it, but remember when it was released when I was a teen, and my cousin and I, when exhausted would say, Death…in Venice. Ha. Visconti. It was a long, drawn out movie, with gorgeous costumes, beautiful use of Mahler as a score, but long, long, long, long, and yet I watched, watched, watched watched. I always liked Dirk Bogarde, however. I didn’t dislike it, didn’t like it. I remember when it was released thinking how beautiful the young boy who played Thaddeus was, but watching it this time didn’t find him to be that so much. I’ve never read any of Thomas Mann’s novels, always wanted to try, “The Seven Storey Mountain” I think that was his–Mom had it at one point, but whatever. Dirk Bogarde gave a fine performance, but as I said, ambivalent about it as I admire the richness of its sets, costumes, nuance, but long, long, long. Glad I was stretched out en boudoir and not sitting in a movie theater because I’m sure I would have been fidgeting. I’m not sure Bogarde was right for the role, at least for the character as I gleaned him to be without having read the book. For some reason, he didn’t bring out the pathos in that character, or cut to the blackness within, or maybe it’s because I remember seeing Bogarde as fighter pilots, Brits fighting the Gerries, the Servant, etc.

Tropical system soon to be named Cindy is bearing down on us and New Orleans is going to be baptized in 8-10 inches of rain over the next three days. I wonder if they will close Tulane down tomorrow. Funny, that Tropical Storm that was really a minor hurricane that hit just before Katrina in 2005 was also named Cindy. Hope that’s not an omen.