Just read my last post, and honestly,will have to edit it–auto correct is ruining me, but editing will wait a little.

Well, I suppose I’ve been in a Viking sort of mood, so I’ve just hit the pause button on a movie I taped last week called, “The Long Ships,” with Richard Widmark as the Norseman with an East Coast accent and Sidney Poitier as the moor sporing a James Brown do. Picked up some notable sayings, such as, “fill your horns and drink!”

Forgot to mention previously that Dr. Peterson, who, with wife Charlene, adopted a white stray cat three years ago they found after Mass in the parking lot of San Francis Xavier Church, naming him, “Mr. Bingle,” told me yesterday they adopted another cat. Dr. Peterson told me, “Jeanne, he comes from Mississippi and he’s gray, so what do you think I named him?” I immediately replied, “Rebel.” And I was right Rebel, the Confederate Cat. Yee-hah!

Well, guess I’ll return back to the Norsemen and the Moors. As dignified, talened and imposing an actor as Sidney Poitier has always been, watching him in this, I keep expecting him to go, Hah! I feel good…I knew that I would now…so good, so good, I got you! Yay!