turned out to be riveting. No gross autopsy photos of worm-laden body parts, as I feared. Just a fascinating case study of a man who had contracted a type of parasite that dwells in residential areas, swamps, mud, crud, in other words, wherever dogs and cats poop (I’m quoting my chairman, who has never said poop to me before). So, don’t walk barefooted through your neighborhood. Nor through any sand unless it’s near the sea or the river. Swamps are out, but I would never walk barefoot through a swamp anyway because of all of them damned schnakes. All ’round us. I don’t walk barefoot outside either, not even to ze pool. Remembering my near miss with that black snake in my sandals son the banks of the James River in ole Verginny. Virginia is for Lovers.

Need to run an errand after work and all I really want to do is go home and crash with three fingers of Jack on the rocks. Might just go home anyway.