It’s a lovely day, but so humid and hot; we’re in for it now: summer in New Orleans. There’s a tropical system forming at the lower edge of the Gulf of Mexico, stay tuned, we’ll know in five days what’s afoot with it. Please, no hurricanes this year.

Honestly. My Chairman has been out of town and this morning I told him I didn’t think I would make it through today’s Grand Rounds. “What’s the topic,” he asked. I replied: “Worms Gone Wild: An Autopsy Report.” His face lit up. “Ooh,” he said, “parasites!” I gave up.

Last night I watched part of the Congressional baseball game. It was really very moving. They raised over $1 million, and I have to say, the congressmen, at a distance, looked like professional ball players, not bad for some of the more seasoned ones at all. It was really moving when all of them, Dems and Repubs all knelt around 2nd base, the position Steve Scalise would have played and prayed for a long time. The Democrats won, but when they were presented with the trophy, they handed it back to the Republican coach (whose ten-year-old son was also on the practice field when the gunman started his rampage) to give to Scalise to place in his office once he recovered. What is it about baseball games that carry so much emotion? With football, it’s raw excitement and brutal, but baseball, Lord!

Tomorrow is the residents’ graduation.  Meggie Doucet and Dr. Sullivan will be leaving along with Dr. Lewin.  They sit together in the resident’s room and it’s going to be very hard to enter that room again once they’re gone.  Meggie took her board certification exams this past week, two days of hell, and when she got back, she threw herself into my arms, “Miss Jeanne!”  as though for comfort.  I’m sure she passed beautifully, bless her heart.  Going to miss her so much.  She’s going to Texas for her fellowship.

The graduation will be at the Windsor Court same as last year, a brunch, and I’m glad we’re returning there.  Hope they still have that Bananas Foster station.  Oh, well, Obese Navidad in June!