For Steve Scalise. He’s been in critical condition, and apparently the bullet that hit him in the hip travelled internally through his pelvic area and caused internal damage to organs. He will need even more surgeries. Steve Scalise, of all people. Said a lot of prayers for him, and for the others who are injured. Rep. Scalise, his wife and two children live in Jefferson, Louisiana, which everyone here knows is that bit of land somewhere between New Orleans and Metairie just called Jefferson because, if you drive down Claiborne Avenue from uptown New Orleans, you’ll cross the southeastern border that separates Orleans from Jefferson Parish. My great aunt, whom we called, “Taunt,” a variation of, “Tante,” lived in Jefferson. They said he loved baseball, and always viewed this annual Congressional game to raise money for charity with the enthusiasm of a kid. A lot of his fellow representatives are saying they will wear LSU gear to the game tonight to honor him, a graduate of LSU. Everyone is also saying that of the 15-20 congressman there, if Scalise, the whip leader of the House who has a security detail, had not been present, it would have been a massacre–two of the Capitol police, a man and a woman, both wounded, returned fire and killed the shooter. I wish this very fine Louisianian was safely home, sitting at a picnic table with his family and friends, enjoying a crawfish boil, safe and sound.

It was good to see both sides of the political aisles unite in support; sad it took something like this for it to happen, and yet I wonder how long this will last. You can disagree, have different sides without the hatred, far flung accusations, hateful rhetoric and all the rest.