Well, today, June 14 is a special day for me for a few reasons, but I have to admit it was shot to hell this morning to learn that Steve Scalise, my representative in Congress was shot in a park this morning practicing for the Congressional baseball game. Apparently by someone who first asked if Republicans or Democrats were practicing on the field. Not only is he from Louisiana, he is really a great guy, his office helped me no end to defeat the IRS a few years ago with some of their chicanery under the Obama administration. He and his family, the other people who were injured did not deserve this. The absolute vitriol and hatred coming from the left, the lies, hatred and distortion of facts coming from the MSM; Kathy Griffin’s stunt; the Shakespeare in the Park depiction of Trump’s assassination hiding behind Julius Caesar–does it surprise anyone that something like this was going to happen? They are more monster than what they are accusing the right of being. Driving to work this morning I thought of my, “I’m a Trump Deplorable” t-shirt and how I will not wear it in public because I heeded the warning from a friend that someone might hurt me. Honestly, to be concerned about one’s safety wearing a damned T shirt in America? This is starting to remind me of the atmosphere of the nation in the few years preceding the Civil War. This is the tolerant, rights-of-man loving left? They are anarchists. And already they have brought up Gabby Giffords as if that lessens what happened to Scalise, but they fail to report that the nut job that shot her and killed others was a radical leftist who targeted her because she was not leftist enough to suit him.

And Scalise. Just an incredibly great, all-around positive man, shot in the hip and in surgery, but thank God he will survive.

Flag Day. I remember that day 24 years ago like yesterday. Just can’t believe 24 years have gone by. Flag Day and birthdays. President Trump’s and someone else’s. Birthday wishes to all.