Raining this morning, not a blue Monday, but a good one. Slept so heavily again, but awakened at 2 AM-ish, back incredibly stiff, got into the recliner with Earl’s quilt and fell sound asleep. But so crazy, I dreamed I was in a beautiful theater with blue and white curtains gazing at a proscenium, and onstage, front and center, was the Blessed Mother clothed in white with a blue veil…started swimming a little into wakefulness and realized the theater was actually my living room superimposed into a dream, but there was no Blessed Mother…at least, not after I awakened!

So, talking about theaters, it sickened me to learn that something I have long admired although have never attended, Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park, had to stoop lower than Kathy Griffin.  If I were going to see Julius Caesar, a play I completely have always loved, it would disappoint me to see it depicted in modern times, you know, toga-less so to speak, but the current production of it is appalling, disheartening, and again, it shows me to what depths of hate the “tolerant” left are capable of sinking.  Julius Caesar is clearly depicted as Donald Trump, hair, suit, tie, build, Portia has a Slovenian accent like Melania, and has one of the most brutal assassination scenes, a murder carried out largely by women and minorities. I’m so sick of this.  I don’t ever remember this level of viciousness directed towards any president to this sick degree of violence.  And as much as I think Shakespeare in the Park is a wonderful thing, I’m glad Delta Airlines and Bank of America pulled out their sponsorship for this production.  Pal, I gotta tell you–if the left likes to hold the KKK over the heads of Southern Conservatives with their cross burning, they have no room to talk because their hatred is just as vicious and concentrated.