My friend Gilbert gave me a copy of the latest, “Country Roads.” I’m putting a link here to an excellent article about an highly educated and intelligent African American named Jael ( I love that name; it’s in the Bible) about the removal of the Confederate monuments in New Orleans. She made excellent comments, has excellent perspective and it was refreshing to read this intelligence.

As an aside, as I drove through Lakeview to get back home to Old Metairie, Lakeview, which is in New Orleans city limits, has streets that are filled with potholes, hills of concrete where the cement is buckling; one street I have driven down I call Safari Road because you need a fourwheel drive to maneuver it–anyway, as I drove down one of these streets at a snail’s pace so as not to rip out the underpinning of my car, I was struck by the thought that all the money used to remove the Confederate monuments could have probably fixed a few of the wretched streets in New Orleans. It’s so bad that the 6PM News With A Twist has a daily feature called, “Pothole of the Day.”

Please read this excellent article.