After former FBI Director James Comey’s appearance before the Senate Committee yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that this man was nothing but a liability to our government, in addition to being a weakling and a coward. And a grandstander with delusions of grandeur. It appalled me to learn he had leaked his “memos” content to the NYT by using a friend instead of being man enough to do it himself. Additionally, I am convinced that the source of a lot of the leaks causing the Trump Administration such trouble have come from Comey. He was afraid to be alone with the president, he was intimidated being alone with the president, bull, and as Dianne Feinstein asked him, why didn’t he tell Trump it was in appropriate regarding what Trump allegedly said about Flynn and stop the conversation. He admitted several times during his testimony that he was a coward, and you know, the nation’s Top Cop shouldn’t be the coward Comey is. I was glad Trump fired him and now I am doubly glad. And, as Marco Rubio told Comey, it seemed that everything was leaked about the president except the truth that he was not under investigation in connection to Russia. Why didn’t Comey come forth and say that publicly? This is a devious, confused and confusing man, who couldn’t even stand up to Loretta Lynch about calling the Clinton investigation that instead of “a matter.” What a nothing burger all of this has been, and even Chris Matthews of the insane MSNBC news said Comey’s testimony blew apart any claims Trump was in league with the Russians about the election.

And, I’m hearing reports that Hillary Clinton and her minions following her devastating loss for the job she lived to attain, got together to come up with a plan to undermine Trump from the beginning, one of which was this ridiculous Russian story. Look how all of this has undermined Trump getting his job done as President for the American people. They wanted to destroy his government, never mind the damage it might do to the American people–but that’s part of the Clinton poison. She’s all for herself and her insatiable greed for power, not the good of the country or its citizens.

Comey is a disgrace, his actions were intolerable, and I’m glad he is gone. Now let’s see what other nothing burger the sore losing, desperate Democrats and lefties try to come up with to get in the way of the country moving forward. God, voters in 2018, please take note.