Well, before I jump into the shower and head out for errands, pleasant ones, such as replacing the spring flowers in the crock pitcher with perhaps sunflowers and zinnias, I must expound on some of the more recent events that happened later this week. President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. Huzzah! It was a horrible deal for America, it gave other nations a financial pass for not upholding the agreement to cut emissions, and basically did nothing to help the climate any way. America, ever since Bush pulled out of the Kyoto agreement fifteen years ago, much to the apocalyptic cries of the left back then as now, had practically led everyone with cutting carbon emissions. What he did is leadership, not resigning from being the leader of the free world. I love the condescension and sneers of Europe at America, but how they depend upon us to tote the cost of everything they support but do nothing to support. The UK is an exception to this, among a few others, and it seems the countries that are the most sneering are the ones that do the least. Well, as Kerry erroneously said, “this is going to mean more asthma in the summah” for our children. And there was Nancy Pelosi, the Patron Saint of Abortion, telling Trump he had failed God and the Bible by this, and his grandchildren. As they say, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Now onto Kathy Griffin and her press conference where she has tried to turn herself into a victim of Trump, his wife, his children because venues across the nation have cancelled her appearances, CNN-gasp-fired her, and even Al Franken is turning away. Her tearful claims that Trump and “old white men” have bullied her about this are bizarre. Frankly, I found the reaction of Melania Trump, Trump himself, and their children admirably restrained considering the circumstances. Griffin can blame an aging, foul-mouthed, woman, herself, with the poorest of taste for her own downfall, and I might add, if she is so desperate now, maybe she should kneel and pray to her Emmy statuette that she won when she abused Jesus and told Him the statue was her god. I’m sure Emmy will be a big help. Man, what goes around comes around, I swear. Gotta love her battle cry of, you don’t do that to this redhead! Wonder what shade of Clairol that is.

Now to another fave of mine, Hillary Rodham Clinton. I saw her appearance at the tech gathering and have come to conclusion that she is deranged. She blamed at least fourteen entities for her election loss: misogyny; white women in the suburbs; Russia; Wikileaks; James Comey; the DNC; and my personal favorite, the Macedonian computer nerds manning Facebook, to name just a few. The Clintons have poisoned this nation for the last thirty something years, please God, let them take their sick infection and go away for good.