Maybe I’ll start with the middle first, the last second and first last. In some such order.

The middle: First thing at work, walked down to the bookstore with the objective of buying a sympathy card for a coworker who lost her grandmother for everyone to sign. The first person I saw was, of course, Maris, and I suppose it’s a good thing we weren’t kids together attending church services as we no doubt would have been thrown out on our ears. There was a children’s book propped up on display entitled, “Dinosauria.” “Maris, ” I asked him, “is that a story about a dinosaur with the runs?” He didn’t hesitate: “Talk about fossil fuels,” he cried. I laughed out loud and he added, “I just keep going and going and going…” “And that’s your business, ” I said, ” as he was checking my purchase out. The debit card option came up and I told him I wanted the credit option on the keypad. “Hit the greeno,” he told me. “What?” I said. “Hit the greeno,” Maris replied. “What the hell is a greeno,” I asked. By this time we were both in a belly laugh and he pointed at the keypad: “Hit. The. Green. O.” Indicating a key with a green O on it. “Oh,” I replied. I said, “Maris, I came down here on the somber mission of buying a sympathy card, and you have me cutting up.”

“Jeanne, ” he replied, “when did you ever come down here and not cut up?”

‘Dis and “Dat: Here I was thinking I was turning into a cripple. I thought the advance of years was freeze drying my bones, slowing me down, slowly killing me. But now an experiment has seemed to turn into hard fact. I skipped Lisonopril for three days. Sunday morning I took a pill and went to the kitchen to cook for the week. Half an hour into it, I could barely stand. My lower back was frozen, as were my legs. I had to lean on the counter as though it was a walker the entire time I was trying to cook. Whenever I tried to walk from one area to another, I had to clutch furniture, or the counter or the wall. It was terrible. Didn’t take the medicine Monday, yesterday or today and I’m nearly as limber as I was when I was a young woman. Also, since I haven’t been taking it, sleep has been deep, relaxing, filled with beautiful dreams. I think if I keep stress and salt completely out of my life, blood pressure can be easily managed. Anyway, I can’t take being an almost cripple any longer.

Now to the first and by hatred I mean the disgraceful photograph that low-life, sorry, I will use the term, bitch, Kathy Griffin posted of a bloodied beheaded Trump. This is something ISIS would do with a real head and I’m so glad people have finally awakened and are giving her the backlash she deserves. She only apologized for it after everyone, metaphorically, began calling for her head, even Mr. Eye Roll, Anderson Pooper. She’s not sorry she did this, only sorry it wasn’t well-received. And the photographer hiding behind the “this is art and art is supposed to disturb.” Hell, no that’s not art, its a kind of porn. The Liberals are so quick to call Conservatives haters, especially Trump supporter, but I have never seen nor heard one Conservatives stoop to this level of abomination. My opinion of this creature has long been in the toilet, ever since her Emmy acceptance speech that disrespected Jesus, her ignorant belting of Mrs. Clooney’s quite proper white evening gloves, and kissing Cooper’s crotch during their New Years Eve coverage. This, however, is beyond all. I wonder if the Left will finally wake up and see this as a metaphor of their irrational hatred of Trump, their insane mission to ruin him and their childish anger over the election loss of that other creature, Hillary Rodham Clinton. I wonder if this will be a wake up call to see this as the picture that captures their own ugliness. This has apparently upset all of President Trump’s children, but especially his eleven-year-old son, Barron. What child should see a picture like this of his father? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone’s child no matter how much I disagreed with them or disliked them. This woman should be arrested because if ever there was a threat, or an incitement to harm a sitting president, it’s this monstrosity.