What to do?

I skipped Lisinopril again yesterday, and was astonished at the level of energy I had, the ease with which I could walk, mental clarity and overall comfort. This morning, I got a bit worried not taking it, took one, and the lethargy came back, I kept forgetting things I wanted to say, legs got stiff and had a hard time concentrating.

I am going to try natural remedies for a week, monitor my blood pressure without taking it and see what happens. Not ready to go to the doctor yet, although I am due for a check up.

Well, the day is nearly done, and please God there were no attacks such as the one in Manchester, but a former Greek president was the victim of an assassination attempt today when a letter bomb exploded in his car. He survived, and so did his driver, but they were taken to the hospital. Don’t know who is responsible for this yet.