Just wanted to add something to the Tarot thing yesterday. I’m sorry if I upset you as I feel I did. But there is something I forgot to mention that I also saw and again, it involves treachery. There is treachery connected with this project, you’ve been duped about something, and it stems from a woman in authority. But, not to tell you what to do about anything, if I were you I’d have my attorney pore over a lot of whatever connected to this because you might find a way out because of someone misrepresenting something. A further suggestion coming from this reading is this: for you to choose such a project especially after the last one you delivered is going to be like a huge punch in the stomach to people, a let down. If you can somehow block this one, it might not be a bad idea to choose something else immediately that has strong appeal to you. But, as this one goes, look for loopholes to slip out of, if that has any pertinent meaning to you at all. And choose another.