Sad to learn that Roger Moore died today. I loved him as, “The Saint,” and although it is considered intellectually verboten to admit this, I loved him as Bond, I loved him more than Sean Connery whom I really didn’t love at all as Bond, and I will admit that Moore was my favorite Bond with Daniel Craig as second. Sorry, call me a lightweight. He brought humor, lightness, a perfect tongue in cheek quality to Bond where Connery just brought testosterone. Craig brings dark emotion. My least favorites were Lazenby and Brosnan.

I am having wild website issues here and had to jump through hoops to get here…maybe I need to create another.

I didn’t take my Lisinopril today and found that I had more energy, no bone and joint aches and just all around beneficial feeling. Going to try an experiment…prevailing lethargy is gone and I must ask you, if a medication is going to keep you from having a stroke, what does it profit you if it reduced your quality of life to the point where you can hardly walk? I won’t be reckless, but explorative.

Kept the television on all last night, mostly, to watch the coverage of the suicide bomber at Manchester. I slept through a lot, but listened. How do you fight cowardice like this? Honestly, how do you fight it? I’m tired of the Trump hatred here in America and just want to let the man govern. I can’t say I am shocked at what happened because I know firsthand what the devil can do. Warring against children because they represent the future that must be obliterated. Oh, Saint Michael, unleash your legions against them forever.