As I had intended, I did a reading on your project that has probably just recently concluded.   I did two, and both were basically the same.

Now I don’t wish to be the voice of doom here, but I will be honest.  The cards say that you already regret doing this; you weren’t completely sold on it to begin with and it was out of friendship that you committed, but also because of your son given the setting and the character.  As an attempt at validation of his work that you secretly but will never admit don’t like in the least, and you feel it is leading him down the road to be a perpetual peacock.  But you being you, you chose this project partly because of this, one that you already consider to be foolish.  Yet, still, you found it was good to be back at work, breaking the stalemate, but in its aftermath, and even during it, you were not energized at all by this, and had to fight severe ennui.  This work will not be celebrated and will not bring in huge monetary gain.  But you know this already.  Still throwing yourself on swords no matter the cost to yourself or others  for something you really don’t like to begin with.  I’m sorry.

While reading the cards, I had to ask about President Trump and these investigations.  The cards say these crazy things will blow away into fog eventually, there will be an unjustified furor for his head from his enemies, but he will prevail, however, in the course of this, someone else will go down big time.  Cards also said Hillary Clinton is behind a lot of this nonsense with Trump, the classic Clinton poison.