It still rattles my brain to know that I am over 16 percent Scandinavian!  I’ve wondered which part is it–don’t feel Danish, Swedish, but damn, I do feel like a Viking.  I really do.  So, from what side?  Could be Charlie O’Rouke and Aunt Cal’s red hair, but then Daddy was very tall, very athletic, and so was Shirley, Tim and myself.  Tim is like a big burly bear.  But then, Mom was also athletic.  I’m leaning towards the O’Rourke side, but honestly, what can you say?  Will be very surprised if it’s Denmark or Sweden, but Norway, yah, I can relate!  And Mom was a fighter like a Vikiing, in her sweet, diminutive, ladylike way.  And Aunt Cal could throw verbal firebombs…actually, they both could.