I just wanted to add to this pathetic situation brought on by the dysfunctional leadership of Mayor Mitch Landrieu the following thoughts that truly break my heart.

I’m thinking about all the boys and men who died during this war for their beliefs; I’m thinking about the women of New Orleans who mourned and grieved for the husbands, sons, the little girls and boys who wept because their daddy wasn’t coming back home, the girls who lost sweethearts, the entire cosmic-sized orb of grief for the deaths of these men…and Mitch Landrieu has put them all to the status of criminality.  What a damnable coward he is, and what limited vision he has shown himself capable of, the monuments may have come down, but you know, aside from his political base in New Orleans, I think he has lost a great deal of respect, but, being a Landrieu, all that matters is that he is in office.