Tuesday night, went to choir practice, it was held in the church instead of the Barrett Center on the grounds.  Everyone was in rare form.  Pat, who sits on one side of me, was glad to see me back and told me that judging by the way I coughed during the Easter choir practice, she was not surprised to hear I had probable pneumonia.  Jan, who sits on the other side of me, is a complete hoot.  She said something funny, and I just blurted out like Austin Powers, “Oh, BEEE-HAYVE!”  I asked her if she had seen any of those movies and she hadn’t.  I told her they were very funny, but dirty, and she replied, “Oh, Good!”  I cracked up out loud.  When we were leaving, she turned in the aisle and said to me very wickedly, “Straight home now, Girl”!  I lost it again.  I can’t wait to hear her stories about her time as a nurse in the navy.

Now, “Amazing Grace.”  This is an arrangement where the Sopranos, that’s me, fuhgetaboutit, sing harmony two beats behind the tenors and basses.  We usually sing melody.  And of course, I kept losing the notes and sang melody.  I found it on YouTube and will listen to it endlessly this Saturday so I can get it right.  But it s a really beautiful arrangement, although I admit I love this hymn so much, I don’t think it needs any frills. Judy Collins knew this well when she made that beautiful recording of it singing a cappella.

So, talking about Austin Powers, I am posting a scene here that really made me laugh, especially about the discussion concerning Robert Wagner’s character’s name.